Terrier Registration and Recording

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America breed registry is one of the most unique registries in the world.

Terrier Registration and Recording

A Unique Breed Registry

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America breed registry is one of the most unique registries in the world. It has been designed specifically to maintain the Jack Russell Terrier as a healthy working breed, free from genetic faults and characteristics that would be detrimental to the breed. Unlike other registries which register entire litters at birth, each application for registration in the JRTCA is judged on the individual terrier's own merits; having registered parents does not automatically guarantee that a terrier can be registered.

Sanctioned Trials

Adult terriers who are registered or recorded pay a lower per dog administration fee at sanctioned trials. The per dog administration fee for terriers who are NOT registered or recorded is $7. The administration fee for terriers that ARE registered or recorded remains at $2 per dog. This does not apply to new members who join the JRTCA the day of the trial (for that trial only). Puppies may apply for registration early, providing the Vet Certificate is completed no more than 30 days prior to application (i.e., at 11 months of age). Your terriers do not have to be registered/recorded in order to attend a JRTCA sanctioned trial. If you need any help or have any questions about the registration or recording process, please call the Club Office any time and they will be glad to assist you.

Download the JRTCA Registration Application. Please note that Jack Russell Terriers that are under 10" or over 15" are ineligible for registration or recording with the JRTCA. If you have a question about registration or recording, please email it to the JRTCA club office.

A terrier is not eligible for registration until it reaches one year of age and has attained its adult height, dentition, and other aspects considered for full maturity. Each terrier's application for registration must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Veterinary Certificate - A JRTCA Veterinary Certificate, designed specifically for the Jack Russell Terrier, must be completed and signed by a licensed veterinarian (within 30 days of application) stating that he has examined the terrier and found it to be free from inherited defects (original only accepted, no photocopies). For spay/neutered terriers, a spay/neuter verification, signed and dated by the veterinarian, is acceptable in lieu of the JRTCA Vet Certificate. Reminder: a new JRTCA Veterinarian Certificate has been implemented. If you do not have the latest form (dated 8/2009), please contact the club office or download it to obtain a current form.
  • Pedigree - A complete pedigree, signed by the breeder. The JRTCA will not accept any terrier that is inbred according to the JRTCA's inbreeding policy. Effective January 1, 1997 a complete four-generation pedigree is required for registration, with five generations preferred if available.
  • Stud Service Certificate - A stud certificate signed by the owner of the sire, verifying that they bred their stud dog to the dam of the terrier applying for registration.
  • Color Photographs - Clear photos, standing on a firm surface, clearly showing each side and the front of the terrier, are required in order to evaluate the terrier's general adherence to the breed standard. Write the dog's name, date and age (terrier must be at least one year of age at time of photo) of dog at time of photo on back of each photo.

    Hints for Taking Pictures

    1. Take photos level with the dog - not standing up looking down on the dog (the dog's body will appear very long and he will therefore appear unbalanced).
    2. It is best to get down to the dog's level rather than putting the dog up to your level (do not put the dog in a position where he feels uncomfortable or insecure).
    3. The environment at the time of the photos is most important. It is very important that the front and side photos clearly show the dog's body, legs and feet.
    4. The purpose of the front photo is mainly to show the head and ears and particularly the legs so that the terrier's conformation can be evaluated.
    5. If the terrier is standing in 2-3 inches of grass or the legs are cut off in the photo, the legs cannot be evaluated.
    6. Remember, the photos must be signed by the vet when you get your vet certificate completed.

All pending applications must be completed within 60 days of notice of missing or incomplete information. After 60 days, the application will expire and it will be necessary to completely reapply in order for that terrier to be registered.

Common Registration Problems

Incomplete or inaccurate supporting documentation continues to be a significant problem when processing registrations and seriously delay the processing of your application. Some of the most common errors include:

  • Incomplete Applications - be sure to check over your application and make sure ALL sections have been completed. If you forget the measurements, or forget to sign your application, it will be returned and your application can not be processed. Use the checklist provided -- it is there for your convenience.
  • Wrong Pedigree - Often copies of the sire and dam pedigrees are submitted by mistake; the pedigree must be the pedigree of the terrier applying for registration.
  • Wrong Signatures on Pedigree or Stud Certificate - The pedigree must be signed by the breeder of your terrier; this means the owner of your terrier's dam at the time of breeding. The stud certificate must be signed by the owner of your terrier's sire at the time of breeding.
  • Vet Certificates Incomplete or Outdated - The vet certificate and registration application clearly indicate that the certificate must be done within 30 days of application. Vet certificates dated long before the required limit can NOT be accepted and you will be required to have the exam redone. When the vet has completed the form, take a minute to look it over before leaving the vet office.
  • Incorrect Fee Paid - Please remember, both parents must be registered with the JRTCA to qualify for the $25 fee; in all other cases the $45 fee applies (unless the terrier is spay/neutered in which case the fee is $15). Also, you must be a current member in good standing to register a terrier. The membership fee is completely separate from the registration fee.
  • Photographs - You must have three photographs, one from each side and one from the front, of your terrier. The photographs are very important as your terrier's conformation must be evaluated from these photos. Please take the photographs level with the terrier - within a reasonable distance - and on a hard surface.

Please review your application carefully and be sure everything is in order. The registration process takes approximately four to five weeks after receipt in the club office; this may be a bit longer or shorter depending on the time of the year and the number of applications being received.

Application Checklist

Register Jack Russell Terrier - Application Checklist
  1. Did you include three photographs with your application?
  2. Are the photographs signed by your vet?
  3. Have you attached the photos to the photo page?
  4. Have all sections of application been completed?
  5. Are the application pages in order?
  6. Are you using a large envelope to mail your application?
  7. Has the height of your terrier been properly measured?
  8. Did you sign your application?
  9. Did you include the correct pedigree?
  10. Is the pedigree signed by the breeder of your dog?
  11. Is the stud certificate signed by the owner of the sire?
  12. Was the vet certificate signed within 30 days of application?
  13. Did the vet complete the vet certificate?
  14. Was a box inadvertently marked "present" on the vet certificate?
  15. Did you include the correct fee with your application?
  16. Are you a member in good standing with the JRTCA?

Registration/Recording Fees

  • $35 if both parents are JRTCA registered
  • $55 if one or both parents are NOT JRTCA registered
  • $25 - Transfer of ownership of Registered terrier
  • $25 - Recording

Miscellaneous Fees

  • $30 - Height Cards
  • $30 - Certificates
  • $300 - Kennel Name (Prefix) Registration
  • $15 - Replacement of any lost JRTCA paperwork (per piece)
  • $30 - Pedigree service
  • $30 - Returned Check Fee

Applications for Registration can be obtained by contacting the JRTCA Club Office at (410) 561-3655. You can also download the JRTCA Registration Application.

If you buy a terrier bred by a person who has registered their kennel name with the JRTCA, that kennel name will be used as a prefix to the name you chose for your terrier (whether or not you included it on the application). If the kennel name of the breeder is NOT registered with the JRTCA, it cannot be used as part of the terrier's registered name. All terriers that are used for breeding should be registered before being bred.

JRTCA Recording - Requirements

Recording your spayed/neutered terrier is a very simple process, and offers you and your terrier several benefits at a very minimal cost.

Application. The application simply requires the name of the owner, the name of the dog, the dog's measurements, and parents if known. Rescue dogs are very welcome... if the parents and/or birth date are unknown, your terrier is still eligible for recording. Download the JRTCA Recording Application (note: it is a different application than used for registration).

  • Photo - One photo is required, which is simply for your dog's identification in their permanent record.
  • Proof of spay/neuter - This can be in the form of a note from your vet, your Russell Rescue contract, or any other official paperwork that proves your terrier is spayed/neutered. There are no pedigree or other paperwork requirements, no complete vet certification requirement.
  • Fee - The fee to record a spayed/neutered terrier is only $15, which is the club's minimum cost for the administration of the recording.

Benefits of Recording your Terrier

Recording your terrier offers you and your terrier several benefits. When the JRTCA implements the registration/recording requirement for sanctioned trials, obviously it will give you the continued opportunity to participate in sanctioned trials. However, recording your terrier also offers the following benefits.

  • Permanent Record - Recording your terrier places a permanent record of your terrier, with photo, in the club's records.
  • Certificate of Recording - Once recorded, your terrier is issued a very attractive Certificate of Recording.
  • Certificate Programs - When recorded, your terrier is eligible to participate in the JRTCA's Certificate Programs and to earn certificates in Obedience, Agility, Go-to-Ground, and Natural Hunting. There are several levels of obedience and agility. Earning JRTCA certificates allows your terrier to be eligible for certificate classes at sanctioned trials.
  • Height Cards - If your terrier enjoys racing or GTG, and may be "borderline," you may acquire an official measurement and height card once recorded.