Happy Hunting Grounds Memorials

Happy Hunting Grounds Memorial page for Jack Russell Terriers that are no longer with us.

Happy Hunting Grounds Memorials

This page is dedicated to the Jack Russell Terriers that are no longer with us. If you would like to have us post a memorial about your lost friend, please send it to webmaster@theRealjackRussell.com.

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Posted June 22, 2017


It broke our heart the day you went, our home no longer is the same. We'd come home and hear you bark and now the days are quiet and dark. If we could have just one more day where you could run, bark and play with your ball, but you are gone. We had to part. Forever you will be in our hearts. In loving memory of Papi. 6/20/2017.

From The Estrada-Rampa Family.

Posted August 21, 2014

Suzaku no Seishi Tamahome

"My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today."
      A Rabbit Proverb ~ Watership Down by Richard Adams ~

October 2008- August 2014

My sweet little furry angel, nobody could have asked for a more steadfast companion for the last 15, almost 16 years. Today is the day we had to say goodbye. I knew this day was in the stars 15 years ago and lived in fear of what that day would be.

I remember once when you were 3-4 years old I caught you lying on your side having the "good dream", you know, the one where your feet twitch in your sleep and sometimes you half-bark. Curious, I wanted to see what your dream might be like and when I closed my eyes I saw a beautiful meadow lined with trees. A meadow that is open and where the sun is always just rising so that it's nice and cool outside. And I saw you, running so fast that you were just a white blur with a cute little tan face to the mind's eye. And every once in a while, you would disappear and reappear further up the meadow. You were so fast and you were so happy- you had that big dopey grin on your face... the one in the picture Uncle Rhett Stansbury took of us.

As I always promised, today I stayed by your side and took you to the gate of what I believe is that awesome beautiful meadow where there is no hurt and no pain and your little body never tires or wears out. I leave you here for a while, but I'll be along some day too.

If you see a blond kid with a huge, kind smile, his name is Timothy Stansbury, the son of Trevor Stansbury. He's a very good kid and I've asked him to come find you when you arrive.

There's also an assortment of dogs that are there that are part of our family too: Linus, Millie, Newton, Rama, Champ, Sami, Chica... we are a dog family after all. PLAY NICELY! This time, Linus can probably get away from you when you chase him everywhere.

Be happy, little one. And don't worry about me; you got me through the toughest part of my life and stood by my side when nobody else did. And you loved me with all that you were til the end and until I could stand on my own. Thanks for being the rock in my world; for being my constant companion. I will love you always--

Mama Andrea~

Posted July 11, 2014

Katie Scarlett

Our Angel - Katie Scarlett

From birth of an Angel we held our girl, She was a gift from Brandy our first JRT.
We were truly blessed to have her.
Independent in nature.
A real milky licker she was.
She would nurse to her delight.
Then roll over showing her chubby tummy.
We gazed and fussed over her constantly.
At long Last her eyes opened, angelic blue in color.
Now she gazes upon the ones who love her so.
Discovered chicken early on but never lost her milky fancy
While Brandy her mother loved Ball she loved tug.
As she grew our blessings grew.
Always bringing a smile to our face.
She was perfect and knew it and so did we.
Fully grown now but still with pink toe.
Pink toe reminds us when we first held her.
For her pink toe we called her baby girl.
She was spoiled no doubt.
Hoards of toys bought for her to play.
Oh how she loved to kill the squeaky in the toy.
Reminding us of her gopher kill, she was so proud.
She was little, but in mind a Great Dane.
Nothing less than home made meals for her.
We never considered anything less.
For her sweet tooth we cut up apple and pear, her favorite Her face wiping revealed her appreciation.
She loved her walks in the park, we loved taking her.
As time passed we felt more blessed.
As time passes time adds up.
With pink toe now faded
Just 5 days short of her 17 birthday.
Our Angel passed peacefully in our arms.
She did it her way.
That's the way she was.
Deeply sadden now our angel has left.
Will always in our hearts.
She can never be replaced.
for one can not replace an angel.
Our time together was a blessing forever grateful.
Missing our Angel.

Katie Scarlett O'Hara
To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.
September 5, 1996 to August 31, 2013

Posted December 13, 2013


I got my mini Jack Russell Angus at 8 weeks old 4th Dec 2004. He was the most handsome little thing I ever seen. I loved him instantly and I know he loved me too. He was my first baby. He was a typical jrt, loyal , energetic, headstrong. He gave me the best welcome every single day. Jumping up to my waist and Laps of the house in excitement - his tail always wagging! Even when the kids came along he adapted to change and loved the kids too, I trusted him completely.. Lying in front of the fire was his favourite and once the kids were in bed he would jump up. On the sofa for a cuddle and a pet off his mom n dad..

He was recently diagnosed with a nasal tumour, the lump was aggressive and taking over his entire nose, he couldn't breathe through his nose at all and his breathing was laboured. His appetite dwindled, he was lying in bed more and more and his tail was down. He wasn't our happy boy any more. Once the bleeding started I knew it was the beginning of the end and I couldn't let him suffer any more. He had just turned 9 and I thought I would have him another 9 year's easy!!! To have him put to sleep was by far the harded decision I have ever had to make and I have cried and grieved more for Angus than any human being. He died on 29th Nov 2013 and I'm just waited on my husband to bring his ashes home. My heart is broke, I miss the sound of his feet on my wooden floors, his bed next to the radiator, him barking out the window at everything that moved and cuddling him every nite.

I will love u til the day I die and I can't wait to see u again.

Posted November 2, 2013


Skip was my beloved JRT who died on October 31, 2013. Four words best describe Skip, "Love of my life". He was truly a happy, happy dog and he made his mom's world go round. Best dog ever!! He had all the JRT traits we all come to love and appreciate. He was an avid squirrel hunter, he could make bunnies squeal like it was nobody's business, give him a blanket or covers and let the burrowing begin, not to mention my favorite spooner. Oh and Skip was a talker, he would make the cutest noise like Arowwwr, trying to talk to me. Skip gave such an unconditional love that will be treasured the rest of my life. We were so close that I can literally still feel the presence of his spirit, which I am truly thankful for and actually makes the loss of him bearable. Knowing he is no longer suffering from violent seizures gives me the strength to go on. I have thanked God for giving me the gift Skip in my lifetime. Even though he will be missed more as each day passes, he gave me enough LOVE to INFINITY and back.

In loving memory of my dog Skip,

Posted September 15, 2013

Jack Russell

There he was...

There he was, so white and small
A tiny boy, a little doll
With fur as white and soft as snow
We all had hoped, he would never go
He grew up fast and quick and bright
A tiny boy, our ray of light
He loved his toys, his cat, his life
The sun, the moon, and dark of night
One day he travelled in a car
A tiny boy, who had gone so far
To meet a girl, a child, herself
Who grew to love him, very well
The girl grew older, day by day
He loved to visit, to run, to play
A tiny boy, with a spirit of joy
A little friend, so sweet and coy
The years flew by so quick, so fast
A tiny boy, who would not last
He never mourned his young days, long past
He just kept moving on to the last
The angels came for him one day
A tiny boy, in their home to stay
He dropped his toys and walked away
To cross a bridge, so far away
Now our memories, which make us weep
For a tiny boy, who is lost in sleep
Someday we shall see him again
We will hold him tightly, as our friend
And there he'll be, as there he was...

Posted June 13, 2013


This is going to be the hardest words I have said,..Macho passed away. I had the honor of spending almost 14 of the best years of my life with him. If anyone knew me,.they knew Macho, he was my Best Friend, my life. Not only was he a "Petsmart" model ,..He was the most amazing friend I have ever had with his continual devotion, never ending and unconditional love for me. I am blessed to have ever experience that and to have had Macho in my life,..we had the "Time of Our Life " together. I will never forget you Macho,..you will be Forever in my Heart.

Please watch his video and remember all the happiness he brought, no sorrow or sympathy...just smiles.

With My Love, Forever Macho


Posted December 20, 2012



Einstein was our first Jack Russell. Almost 15 years ago when we brought him home we had a kennel set up for him right next to our bed. The first night he whined and whined and would not go to sleep. I tried everything I knew to distract him including ignoring him for what seems like hours. My wife wanted to just put him in bed with us so we could get some sleep and I refused them both for hours. Einstein won, with my wife's help. The rest is history; he never missed a night sleeping right between us! We enjoyed Einstein so much we brought a little female home a little over a year later and the year after that another male. So we truly had a Three-Dog-Night every night. "Inee" was the vocal one and the keeper of rituals, walking time, ride time, play time and time for bed. He was the best little friend that anyone could ever ask for. He slept close to me at night and followed me everywhere that I would allow, just like a shadow. In August of 2009 "Inee" developed bladder cancer and the Vet gave him about 6 months. We took him to a special Veterinary hospital in Kansas City and with surgery, meds and lots of prayers Einstein surprised everyone and gave us another 3 and a half good years of companionship.

I had to be merciful to him today and give him rest from his cancer. This morning had started out just like every other morning, but Einstein started showing signs of distress on about noon. We went for a ride in the truck about 1PM; he always loved rides because it meant that he would get a puppy cone from Sheridan's. "Inee" wasn't that interested in the ride or the ice-cream and that is when we both knew that it was time.

We always knew that this day would come, but it was still very heartbreaking hard! We are sure going to miss this little guy (JRTCA # 5692). My wife's sister (also a member of the "Dog Lady" family) composed the following letter from Einstein to give us comfort in his passing.

Dear mom and dad, I need you to know that where I am is WONDERFUL! I also know that you are very sad tonight, and probably will be in the days to come. But try really hard to be happy for me! I would have stayed with you longer if I could have, but my little body just couldn't do it. When you brought me home as a puppy I KNEW I had hit the jackpot in the parent department! My time with you on that side of Heaven was Heaven! You both spoiled me each in your own ways, and I LOVED every bit of it!! Believe me that I know how much you love me! When you knew I was sick, look at all you did for me! You took me to KC for the best care you could get me; you paid for surgery and bought me medicine. You took me for rides and bought me puppy cones. And what patience you had when I had to go potty at all hours. Oh, and don't forget that I shared my bed with you two! Just kidding! And mom...I really liked the chicken and rice you made for me, and dad, I really enjoyed snoozing on the couch with you and being your shadow. I really liked it when you took pictures of me, could you tell? I know I'm quite photogenic!

I also know how much you love me because you would pray for me lots and lots, and that can only mean how deeply you care, right? Please don't cry, I'm gone, but not really. I have a special light or "spirit" I've been told that allows me to be here with Jack, and Napoleon too! I'll be waiting here with them for you to get here. This side of Heaven is GREAT! Lot's to do and I feel great! But maybe, just once in a while I will visit you to see that you are doing ok till you get adjusted. There is someone very very special here, I think he is called THE GREAT I AM. He patted me on the head when I arrived and we could communicate! I don't know how, but there was such warmth and love from Him...I can't even explain it! I did bow to him and HE smiled at me! I know I'm going to LOVE it here, so please don't be sad for me! My life is complete now. I'm going to scout out all kinds of neat things for us to do when you get here. I have Jack and Napoleon, and you have my brother and sister to love and care for and keep you busy. Thank you for the love you gave me every day of my life, and Thank you for the mercy you blessed me with today. GOD (that's another name for Him) told me that he blesses very special moms and dads like you, and then HE smiled at me again!

Forever and always
Your Inee

Ron and Virginia Holthaus
Topeka, Ks

Posted August 6, 2012


My little girl went to heaven on July 23, 2012. Rosie was 17 years and 7 months young. She brought so much laughter and joy to myself and other family members. She came into our lives at 8 weeks old. I will miss her forever, she will always be my little girl. I accept the fact that I was her pet and her job was to take care of me. She is sadly missed. Someday we will reunite at the rainbow bridge.

Posted July 31, 2012


Greatest Dog I ever owned. 8/29/2005 - 6/27/2012. Killed by a Timber Rattler.
Ole Rube and I had fun every day.
She could always make me laugh.
I miss my friend everyday.
I thank the Lord for 6 yr's and 10 month's.

Posted June 18, 2012


He was just a little white dog. When Bob first came to me about him I didn't want him. We were at a trial and we only had things for one dog. But, as usual, he got what he wanted and I have never regretted it at all. There was more love in that small heart than can be imagined. Ferocious in the field but never at home. He was always willing to please, unless he got out of the fence in which case he developed an instant case of "selective" deafness and would take off for the nearest groundhog hole, ready as always to do battle.

From the beginning he started writing to his breeder, Melissa Lowe, telling her of his exploits at home and in the field. His letters became known as the "Frostbite Chronicles" and people would come to us at trials to find out the latest chapter.

There are no words to say how much we will miss him. He was that one really special dog that you always wish you could out live. To Melissa, a big thank you for letting us have him, to Glen Churchfield, thanks for having the patience to wait for him to figure out how to hunt.

So here's to you High and Low's Frostbite of Running Wild. You will be missed for the rest of our lives.

Posted June 10, 2012


Tiny was my Jack Russell and boy she was a good one,she had been the neighbors dog and they were moving to North Carolina and he gave her to me.Dont know how old she was was but she had to be older than ten. She would always wait for me to come home from work and then she would eat her lunch. I only had her for three year but they were the best three years of both of our lives . She would follow me everywhere and if she did not see me she would look till she found me. Tiny went out one day with my mother knowing it and cauught a cold she passed away on my lap on april third 2011 and we buried her in my brothers backyard. Boy do I ever miss her.

Posted April 16, 2012


Charlie Creek MacDuff (August 21, 1994-June 13, 2011)

It has taken me almost a year to be able to write this and get through it entirely. MacDuff was my heart dog, my first agility dog, my second JRT, my friend and partner for almost 17 years. His nicknames include Mac, MacBoy, Duff, Duffers, Devil Dog, Mackers and at times of being a real JRT, a few other choice words. MacDuff's sire was Button Top Bill, one of Flo Clark's dogs and out of Newmarket Sally by Briarpatch Jason. Even though we didn't start agility until he was two years old he earned many, many titles. In the beginning, he would do four obstacles run off and hunt and as we all know that's a JRT's natural instinct. Before I found agility, I decided to come to a JRT trial. At that trial I met someone who really introduced me to the Jack Russell Terrier. That was, at that time, Barbara Adameic, now Dickinson and she and I became great friends traveling to several JRT trials including Nationals together. She was thrilled that I wanted to not only do JRT things like Racing and GTG with my JRTs but agility and obedience. MacDuff earned his GTG certificates in 1997 and was Racing Champions several times until he started fighting on the track so we quit racing. Barbara encouraged me to continue on the quest of teaching him obedience and agility. I persevered through his antics because I knew he really enjoyed agility and I was not giving up. I knew he was so talented that he could become a star. It took a while to train him in obedience but eventually he really loved to do obedience along with agility. He was just such a happy dog when working with me although he had this bit of aggressive tendencies but only when another dog got in his space. I learned how to manage that and together we earned over 120 titles as lifetime partners in agility and obedience. The most memorable were his USDAA Lifetime Silver and Silver ADCH, his ASCA AtCH, his NADAC Natch. His other accomplishments included: Top Ten placements in USDAA for six years; 2004 All Around Performance at the USDAA Nationals, second in the 2005 USDAA Veterans Grand Prix and he won a total of 9 JRTCA National Championships in agility and obedience. At the age of 16, he won his TMAG in Teacup Agility. But above all he was my baby boy, my heart and soul; we built a relationship that I never had with any other dog. He was the reason I got into agility and training dogs. He taught me so much and inspired me to learn more about training dogs. He was the inspiration for Gold Medal Dog Training Center.

He never slowed down until he was about 13 or 14 but he could still make time on a USDAA course. As he aged, he became a bit of a grouch but aren't we all as we age! This dog increased my love for Jack Russells, tenfold. I know now that I can never be without a JRT. I fell head over heels in love with the breed and it was because of MacDuff. He gave me comfort in time of loss and heartache, he snuggled beside me in my chair and in the bed, and he brought me much joy and happiness throughout the years. He would lick my tears from my eyes. If I had a bad day at work, a smile would come on my face when I opened the door to hear his greeting me. He nursed me through a divorce and some very hard and tough times. MacDuff gave me unconditioned love. Ok, I just started crying again but I'm trying to make them happy, remembering tears. So those people who say that dogs can't do these things are totally wrong.

To my friend and long-time companion, MacDuff, I want to say that I so miss you but I know you are in good hands with my sister and mom taking care of you now along with the good Lord. I will see you again someday. I always tell my friends who lose their dogs that the reason God made dogs to live such short lives, is so that we humans can enjoy and treasure more than just one dog in our lifetimes. I truly do believe that. MacDuff I hope you are running, jumping, racing, chasing those varmints up there in heaven and having a ball. I love you and I'll always miss you every single day.

Posted March 10, 2012


For Oscar and Tilly.

Oscar came into my life with my new girlfriend (now my wife). He was a nine month old terrierist that in the beginning did not like me. After sharing my lunch with him and a long game of ball with him, we became friends. He was always with one if us. Balls were killed, cats chased and mauled, squirrells dispatched and many long truck rides were taken. He was always willling and ready. As more Jacks came into the home, he taught them every thing a good Jack needs to know. As he grew older he lost his vision and hearing. Yet he could still find and dispatch squirells with ruthless efficiency. On a cold January morning he was stricken and colapsed while giving our new puppy lessons on tennis ball killing. At almost 18 years old his spirit and heart finally ran out. To this day I miss my friend.

Tilly was the puppy that picked me. She was the runt if the litter. We had picked her sister as the one we wanted. She was determined to also go home with me. She won and both sisters came home. Despite her tiny size, she had a spirit and toughness that few dogs have. As she grew she became the head of our Jack Pack. At only 11 pounds She ruled the house with an iron fist. Yet with me she was my tiny lap Jack that was happy to sleep with me after the day was done. She made many trips to horse trials with the rest of the pack and many solo trips all over the east coast. She was always ready. In her last year, Tilly lost her mind. She did not know where zhe was and she became a shadow of herself. It is never easy to part company with a great friend and companion. On November 26, 2011 my loved little friend crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I hope to see her again as she was. Tough, proud and fiesty.

Posted January 29, 2012


I used to call Badger "The World's Best Dog," and to me, that's exactly what he was. I got Badger in March, 2001 as a pet for my daughter, who's now 19 years old. Badger was probably purebred, and an unwanted puppy - he was too rangy and very aggressive. So, he ended up in a shelter, and then an animal rescue, where I found him and brought him home. My daughter misses Badger as much as I do, but he became "Mama's dog." He was "Mama's best friend" from day one to the sad day I had to say goodbye to him. Badger was so smart, so fun, and so loving and faithful. I don't think anyone could ask for a more faithful, loving pet. We had the best times hiking together. I can't even begin to tell all the crazy, funny things he did. Just one highlight was the "chicken trick" he played on my daughter when she was about 9 years old. She was eating fried chicken in her room upstairs, and he went downstairs to bark at the front door, just like he always did when her friends from the neighborhood came over to play. She ran down and opened the door looking for her friends, but they weren't there!

He was upstairs gobbling the chicken as fast as he could.

That makes him sound like a bad dog, but he wasn't. He was the best boy ever. I've known lots of people who weren't as smart as Badger and definitely not as trustworthy. I said goodbye to my best friend Badger on January 25, 2012. After being the healthiest dog most of his life, we really struggled for his last five or six months. In the end, it turned out all the individual problems that just seemed to keep coming were caused by a brain tumor. He was in so much pain, and couldn't say. I love him more than I can really say and I will think of Badger every day for the rest of my life. To me, he was "the world's best dog." I hope everyone can have a friend like him.

Amy Sterling
Aliso Viejo, CA

Posted January 9, 2012


His nickname was "Lambie". He was 16 years and 3 months old. He was blind, deaf and frail, when he died.

I came home from work 2 weeks ago, he was on the floor with all his legs splayed out on the floor. He had the most pathetic look on his face. He was scared, weak, and almost gone.

I picked him up, with his legs, dangling underneath him like jelly fish tentacles. I knew then, that nothing I could do, would save him. When, I could get myself together and finally dial a phone, I called his vet.

Shubael, rode with me to the vet, in my lap. There was no movement, no whining. Nothing. I was crying so hard, I could barely drive. I loved him so much. The vet saw him, immediately and they tried everything to comfort me and attend to him.

I brought him home, his friends and family all gathered around him and said their good-byes to him. Shubael, received phone calls from his friends and family, well into the night.

Later that night I, wrapped him in his favourite "Ralph Lauren" baby pink towel and gently placed him in his black velvet, brocade dog bed. I placed his bed on mine and then his 15 year old kitty, climbed into the bed with him and wrapped her paws around him. Shubael, let out big, ragged sigh and fell asleep. The 3 of us, fell asleep together and he slept without any issues.

We awoke the next morning when his 2nd vet called us to bring him in. Shubael had a very special vet in the next state. We drove to his 2nd vet in the morning, with the kind roadside assistance of "Triple A - Auto Club". Again, I heard there was no hope for him.

After an exam and a long discussion with his long time vet, he was euthanized. My heart is broken into billions of pieces. His kitty (Lillianna Jubillee) is despondent and his 13 year old (human) cousin is devastated. We are trying to recover from this great, great loss...I do not know how we will ever do this?

He was so loved, so adorable, so affectionate & funny. He was so loving. Shubael, was raised from a puppy to be kind to cats, he loved children and he loved life. He was 100% Jack Russell Terrier, through and through.

Shubael would go into pet stores and choose his own toys, he sent fear into the heart of every squeaky toy, he ever encountered!! Rubber balls, would roll away from him, in terror!! He loved Christmas and presents, he would always open his own gifts...and then play with the bow, for hours.... on end.

He was a little surgeon, when it came to getting the squeakers out of furry tools...his family loved him so much and we miss him, more and more every day. We are so lost with out his happy, little face and warm, sweet personality.

I miss you Lambie and I hope that someday, we will be together again. Love and kisses from your Mommy and your family.

We love you, so very, very much!

Posted January 9, 2012


An Ode to Omega "the Crazy" Noble Jack by Gary V. Jackson

Let me tell you a about a little Jack
Who stole my heart and never gave it back.
The runt of the bunch, 'twas plain to see
I was meant for her, and she for me.
I took her home one December night.
In no time at all, we became real tight.
Full of spunk, not the least bit lazy.
It just seemed right to call her "Crazy".
Enriching my life with loads of fun;
I have to tell you... little girl could run.
It mattered not what I wanted to do
As long as she could do it too.
She rode on the back of my motorbike
She led the way when I'd take a hike.
Skunks, squirrels, rabbits and snakes; the ultimate lesson they learned.
While a possum and a racoon got off light; but never did return.
From digging holes to climbing trees
To chasing squirrels and collecting fleas.
Clever clown, such a nut.
Once approached a cat and bit its butt!
Every day she made me laugh.
She nipped a horse and chased a calf.
A loyal friend who wanted to please.
All it cost was cheerios and cheese.
It was the hardest thing, I'll have you know.
About a year ago I had to let her go.
Whether it's twelve or eighty-four
Still so unfair; I wanted more.
She bravely fought as long as she could've.
I regret I waited longer than I should've.
If I misspell while I'm typin',
I apologize, my eyes I'm wipin'.
Not a day goes by I don't think of her,
A gift from God, I'll always love her.
I truly believe I'll see her again.
She's up there waiting... MY BEST FRIEND.

October 18, 1998 to August

Gary Jackson - Tulsa, OK

Posted November 30, 2011

Jane Russell

She was, by any means of measurement known to me, the best dog I have ever had.

I got Jane as a present from my dad, and I will always remember the day Jane the Jack Russell terrier came to live with us. As a puppy, she was determined to play hard and be in on anything going on anywhere in the house and our yard. The immediate recipients of this "play hard" attitude, were the numerous squirrels around our area. They were accustomed to a lazy existence, however Jane put them on notice in no uncertain terms that there was a new sheriff in town.

She was afraid of the pool when we put it in. I was always worried about her falling in and drowning, so I decided to teach her to swim. Not only did she learn with mounting enthusiasm, she decided the pool was the place to be in the summer. If a raft was available, she would launch it into the pool, riding along, barking joyously for anyone to come and join in the fun. She bounced balls off her nose and generally enjoyed herself. If visitors were present, Jane would run for hours around the pool, finally exhausting herself with all the fun and excitement.

She knew every person and every dog in our neighborhood. Some neighbors even met Jane before they met us and even those who had never met her had already heard stories about her.

She was an absolute tiger with a tennis ball and I've often thought that she somehow perceived she was a larger dog. She certainly acted like one.

What has kept me going in the last five agonizing days before she passed away was the sixteen years of comfort, friendship, fun, and excitement she provided. If five days of Hell is the price for that sixteen years, I'll never make a better bargain in my life.

I'll close with a quotation from an unknown author that just about sums up my feelings about Jane Russell.

"She is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog.
You are her life, her love, her leader.
She will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of her heart.
You owe it to her to be worthy of such devotion.

Jane, wherever you are now, I hope in some small way I gave you some joy in your life. It can never compare to what you gave me. As Will Rogers once said, "If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."

Posted November 18, 2011


August 4, 1994 - October 29, 2011

I had read up on JRTs pretty thoroughly before I decided to go ahead and take on the challenge of owning one. I was fully aware of what I was in for and I loved every minute of it. I met Sassy and her two siblings, having my pick of the litter. As it turned out, she picked me. I took Sassy home and after trying out a couple of other names, Sassy finally seemed to be the obvious moniker for this feisty little girl. She was not to be a hunting terrier or a participant in the terrier trials. It became clear during obedience school that she was not a social dog and no matter what the instructor tried, she would not play well with others. Terrier 1 - Instructor 0. (We were separated from the rest of the class to cut down on the disturbances she tried to cause). She also picked up on the order of the lessons learned and went through the series of commands, in order, until she got to the "lay" position before the rest of the class was past "sit." Hey, it's not her fault she's super smart. You do the same routine every week; a dog's going to catch on. I was satisfied as long as she followed the "stay" command. The instructor was yet again frustrated by Sassy's insistence on moving ahead of the class but she knew the order of things to come and was tired of waiting on the "slow-learners." Terrier 2 - Instructor 0. Sassy did graduate with her class and even got a compliment from the instructor about being able to master the "sit, stay" command. Apparently, it's rare for terriers to accomplish this in her class.

Sassy did her fair share of terrier antics, digging in flower pots, stringing toilet paper across the den, running around the house at full speed making the furniture her own obstacle course. And of course, flying through the dog door at such speed I thought she'd give herself a concussion. But for the most part, she was unlike other JRTs that I read about in True Grit. She didn't mind being left alone for several hours. She'd find a spot to nap (usually on the forbidden sofa) and rest until someone came home. I never worried about coming home to a mess. It was always special to pull into the driveway and see her little white face looking out the window watching for me.

Trips to the vet were an adventure. After a traumatic nail clipping incident when she was 2, Sassy decided the vet was no longer her friend. For 15 years, she held a grudge and had to be muzzled for her vet visits. Sassy never forgave and obviously never forgot the toenail incident! But he cared for her as best he could anyway and she became one of the more colorful characters in his practice. She endured three different cancerous tumors and chemo treatments but finally succumbed to renal failure. Sassy was a tough little fighter, hanging on much longer than most dogs could have. When she became too weak to stand, I had to make the choice I never wanted left in my hands. I had to set her free. I was hoping I would not have to write this article about my Sassy for 3 or 4 more years. But, here we are, the time has come to say farewell to my sweet baby Sass...for now. You will be missed terribly and always loved.

Lone Oak, TX

Posted July 12, 2011


This is a valedictory poem that I wrote, when we had our Dot put, so sadly, to sleep, after 16 years of delightful companionship, around 4 years ago. I still become 'somewhat emotional' when I read it, as I did when reading some of those Memorials.

Posted June 25, 2011


December 24, 2000 - July 18, 2010

My husband and I had gone to a kennel and saw these two little Jack Russell puppies. One of them licked our hands through the fence and pretty much picked us. A week later my husband brought this tiny little 7 week old puppy home and gave him to me for Valentine's Day. He pretty much just "skipped" into the house, thus the name "Skippy". He was a very busy little dog right from the beginning and was so smart.that he actually trained us. We thought we were potty training him by giving him treats after he had been outside. It didn't take him long to figure that out. He would run out into the yard, make a circle and come back into the house and hit the cabinet door with his paw to get his treat. He was constantly wanting to go outside. Skippy was all of the things I have seen on this site. He was loyal, protective, loving, and energetic. He loved to go with us to our cabin on the river and explore the woods and chase the rabbits and squirrels and the occasional car. His most very favorite thing to do was to ride with us on our four wheeler with his paws on the handle bars. His favorite place was beside my husband in the recliner. When my husband had a serious surgery and was confined to bed for weeks, Skippy stayed by his side on the bed as his constant companion. When Skippy became sick in late 2009, the vet wasn't sure what was wrong with him. He was on different kinds of antibiotics for several months, before he finally diagnosed him with lymphoma. Skippy died in my arms on that Sunday afternoon in July. It broke our hearts.

Skippy, you changed our lives forever and we will never ever forget you. I know you will be waiting for us at the "Rainbow Bridge".

Ann and Robert Lewis

Posted April 12, 2011


Wishbone Frisby Summers passed away on April 12, 2011. He was exactly fourteen years and seven months old.

Wishbone was a present for my 8th birthday. When we got him, we didn't know anything about the Jack Russell personality. I'm sure Wishbone had fun teaching us. He dug up our yard, ate holes in the side of our house, and got into fights with possums. But he also played with us a lot and licked our hands. He always greeted us with his tail wagging.

We enjoyed Wishbone so much. We loved his cute little face and velvety v-shaped ears. We loved how feisty he was, how fearless, how proud. We loved watching him run and jump, and we liked it when, in his later years, he lay at our feet as we watched t.v.

We're not sure if we'll ever get another Jack Russell, but Wishbone definately taught us to love the breed. He will be missed.

Stephanie, GA

Posted April 7, 2011


Born May 5, 2002 - Died April 6, 2011

We got my little JRT in July of 2002. Just a couple of weeks after my husband and I married. He was my little companion wile my husband worked third shift. He followed me everywhere I went. He did get into some mischief but that is to be expected of JRT. He was a great friend to us. After having my two children I joked that Jack would always be my "first born". He helped my mom's dog as he was suffering from kidney failure to go to the potty pads and play with him outside.

I remember the times where his little butt would shake as he was so excited to see me when I came home from work every day. And the sound of his nails on the kitchen floor like he was doing a little tap dance for me. He would always cuddle me when I was sick or had a bad day and was upset. He knew I needed the little kisses and hugs. That always made me feel so much better.

On April 6th, 2011 my little Jack was rushed to the Emergency vet. He had gotten sick and was unable to stand. Nervously sitting in the waiting room the Dr. came up to me and told me the news. He had cancer on his spleen. He was bleeding internally and the outcome was grim. My world ended that day as I had to make the hardest decision in my life. I got one last cold lick (kiss) from my little guy and as I held him when he took his last breath all I could do was tell him I was sorry and I loved him. Contemplating if this was the right decision we made for him, my husband and family consoled me in the room and told me what we did was right. I knew my Jack was in a better pain free, cancer free place in heaven. He will always be in my heart. It is so hard doing my day to day routine with out my little guy there with my every step. I know with time my heart will heal but I will never forget my precious little Jack.

You will always be in my heart Jack. We all miss you dearly and I shall see you in heaven one day.

Love you Jack,

Mommy, Daddy, Sarah and Josh xoxo

Posted January 6, 2011


We just lost one of our Jacks (Shaggy). He was the best boy, he loved to go on "rat parties" in the back yard chasing an occasional rat that was using our back fence as a sidewalk, and caught them on more than one occasion. He listened well, and could do numerous tricks.We brought him home in 06'. my then 7 year old son picked him out, Shaggy was the runt of the litter and seemed to be getting picked on. My son felt that he had to rescue him right there on the spot. We took him home, and from day 1, he rescued my son from some bad times as a child when he was bullied and again when he was hospitalized several times for an illness. Everytime, Shaggy was there; faithfully by his side.

He generally just loved to be with our family, and can't possibly fathom how much he is missed!! we love and miss you Shag!!

Posted December 28, 2010


Dear Bica

On January 18, 1996 the universe blessed this earth with the greatest dog ever, and some blessful chain of events, lead me to meet my precious Bica for the first time.

I will never forget visiting the breeder and seeing you there, the smallest and most timid of your litter, big black spot on your side. You came right up to me and I knew you were the one.

From the day I took you home, you have been such a blessing in my life. You challenged me, kept me fit with all your need for exercise, ruined my couch trying to "dig" in it. You slept in my bed and kept me company when I was sad, you made me smile and laugh so many times. Here is just a small list of all the thing you did for me.

  • Kept my feet warm on cold nights camping.
  • Protected my house, sounded the alarm when strangers (or friends!) approached.
  • Chewed up my cabinets.
  • Kept bad boyfriends at bay.
  • Taught me how to be responsible.
  • Kept me running, every day, sometimes twice a day.
  • Helped me see the beauty of living things.
  • Kept me company when I was sad.
  • Loved me unconditionally
  • Made me smile . . . everyday of your life.
  • You were there for me, sharing my office at work, every day of your life.

Almost 15 years with you passed by quickly and when I found out you had cancer in your leg, I was devastated. You were almost 15 years old and I felt sure I would have you at least until 18 or 19. You were still so healthy otherwise. But the vet took the xray and they could see it in your bones, and you could not use your leg. Since you always were a pro runner on three legs, I thought for sure we could just take your leg, and get you rid of the cancer. But with further investigation, the vet told me that it has already spread to your lungs, and that it was a very aggressive form of cancer and not treatable with any good degree of success. This was October 11, 2010.

You fought so hard, you stayed with us and you endured through the pain, and the hurt. You kept your spirit and your love. You were always with me and always my company. Always happy to see me when I got home, and always getting up to greet me, even though I know it hurt you to do that. You did that for me.

And on that last night, when you were struggling so hard to breathe, and I held you, and I was so sad to see your struggle, but I did not want to let you go, you asked me, you looked at me and I could see that you were tired, and you were ready. And you had probably been ready for a while, but I was not. But looking at you, and seeing you suffer like that, I knew that I could never be ready, and that it was not about me being ready because I never would be. But you were. And so on December 27, 2010, Daddy and I took you to the vet and I held you in my arms and loved you, and kissed you and I hope I helped you to pass into the next world in peace.

Bica- You lived a great, big dog's life. You took care of our family and you fought hard, and kept your tough terrier attitude to the end. As I held you in my arms while you passed to the next world, I could see that you were at peace. But I miss you, and I still miss you, and I will always miss you. There is a huge empty space in my life, and I miss taking care of you and holding and petting you. Please forgive me for the times I fell short in my care, or patience as you challenged me and as I let other conflicts in life take precedence over our friendship.

I have always loved you with all my heart, and I will never forget you. I am missing you, achingly, every single day, and even as I know I will heal, you will never, ever be forgotten. You deserve to be running, jumping, digging, and playing in a world where you are blissfully happy and can feel every bit of love and happiness that you gave me in your life here on earth with me.

I will always love my Bica girl. Be at peace in heaven for eternity.


Posted November 2, 2010


I was given "Miss Priss" when she was only eight weeks old. Priss was given to me in October as gift after the death of my 18 year old son. Priss was my loyal friend and companion for 16 wonderful years. She traveled with me many miles to horse shows in Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennesee, West Virginia and many other trips to the beach. Priss was a joy and a delight. Every day when I would come home she would wag that little tail so hard her little body would shake. She was short haired and short legged; 15 pounds of dynamite. Priss would protect me by constantly being at my side on the sofa or by my chair. She was so easy to train and so eager to always please me. She loved to chase a tennis ball and was like the energizer bunny. She never stopped. As Priss got older, she developed cataracts. Priss had surgery for the cataracts, but still could not see as well as I had hoped. But never fear, Priss learned every crook and cranny of my house and yard. She still had her freedom and loved to be outside. My little "Prisspot" went to sleep on Saturday night for her long awaited rest. I miss her terribly, but she will always be in my heart. She was the best friend anyone could ever hope to have in a lifetime.

Posted October 14, 2010


I received LANCE as a gift from my Wife on my 35th Birthday, August 2009. I have always enjoyed the companionship of Dogs, I have always admired their Faithfulness, and Unconditional Love toward us Humans. Lance arrived to us by Air when he was just 9 weeks Old, what always impressed me about Lance, was the fact that he never howled during the night when he was a puppy, he readily accepted the designated Space that was given to him, and was very obedient since day 1, as well as very independent. I remember waking up in the middle of the night just to check up on him on the first few nights, eventhough we live in an apartment, he adapted very well.I made the commitment of Playing Ball with him in the Fields everyday, at least once a day, sometimes 2. I would leave my office a bit early just to have some time to Play ball with him, ang go over his Training, when he came to my Office, hed stare at me for hours, just for me to remember that he was waiting for me... hed Jump to my Seat if he wanted to be closer to me and begin to lick my ears and face... really unforgettable!

After the first Year, we moved to a Penthouse, where LANCE could roam on the upper floor, and unfortunately LANCE found a way (As Most Terriers Do) to sneak past the protective fence and wonder towards our neighbors Penthouse, the Access to the neihbors penthouse was a concrete corridor about 40cms wide, and one morning, someone surprised him from the neighbors area and coming back to our penthouse, Lance fell to the ground on Sept 27th, 2010 I still feel very sad by his departure, my wife was very affected and I still feel a hole in my Heart evertime I come home, turn the key to open the door and hes not there to greet me.

Good News is, I am Flying to the US on FEBRUARY to get another JRT!! I am excited to go over the process all over again, Training, Agility, etc.

I miss you Buddy! more than words can say!

Posted June 30, 2010


"No More Kisses From Katie"

No more kisses from Katie
a gentle sigh from her breast
Wrapped in her fleece blankie
layed softly to rest

A gentle sigh from her breast
in my arms she slipped away
Layed softly to rest
our hearts weep this day

In my arms she slipped away
carried to the land of dreams
Our hearts weep this day
as tears flow in a stream

Carried to the land of dreams
wrapped in her fleece blankie
As tears flow in a stream
no more kisses from Katie

"Katie-girl" Nov 25, 1999 - June 29, 2010

Written by Brian Malpas

Posted May 28, 2010


I got my 1st jrt on December 7, 2006 when I was 10. My dad got her for me for christmas. My mom was surprised. We named her Angel cause she was so sweet. All the other dogs were rowdy, and barky. But in the very back I saw the smallest shyest puppy, it was angel. I immediately fell in love w/ her. Me and my mom took great care of her. She was so funny, and loving. You could put your hand in her bowl and she wouldnt even snap. I walked her whenever I wanted to get exercise, 3 years later. May 16,2010. I was walking her w/ my friends dog. I tied her up to the slide to swing for a little while (I'm so stupid). She saw another dog and went crazy and got loose me and my friend chased her all the way to the highway. She started chasing cars for about 10 minutes. Finally, Bam.. A car hit her. She whimpered. But she was still alive. She then got up. And started chasing the car that hit her. Then another hit her.She rolled over on her back. And i had no choice but to watch in horror. I ran and stopped traffic to pick her up. Tears rolling down my face, I cried and paniced, And screamed her name, "Angel! Angel! Wake up. please. please don't die. please don't do this to me." I called everyone for help, Finally my friends mom came, I then called my mom for her to come get me. My friends mom tried to give her cpr... but she wouldn't come back.. my mom wrapped her up in a towel and we buried her in our backyard, were gonna get 2 other dogs, But angel we'll still be in my heart, always will, She was so loving, and funny. Hopefully ill fall in love w/ another dog, I still feel like its my fault, i wish i couldve saved her, Angel i'm so sorry i couldnt save you :( I'll always remember you Angel, My bestfriend, R.I.P Angel.

10-23-06 - 5-16-10

Posted April 15, 2010


On that cold day in October of 2000 I made the journey to West Yellowstone with a friend who had made contact with a Jack Russell Breeder from Oregon. I had purchased a brown and white female that my friend really wanted to buy but could only afford the male. I had decided after much research that I wanted to breed Jack Russell Terriers. When the breeder delivered the puppies we were overjoyed. The puppies were as they had pictured and healthy and playful. As the breeder went to close the small kennel that my female had come out of a small head popped into view. That little head with those big brown eyes stole my heart right there. I had not intended to bring two puppies home for my first Jack experience but oh well....... I had to follow my heart. I soon realized that two Jacks for my first time were going to be to much to handle. My friend was more then happy to take Amber home since she had wanted her to begin with. Jasper quickly became the center of our home and hearts.

As Jasper grew up it became clear that she loved to do agility and hunt. Lure courses at the dog shows were one of her favorite events. River walks became hunting trips as Jasper pulled muskrats out of their riverbank holes. Raccoons and even badgers at home had to be on the lookout although, after Jaspers encounters with the badgers we had to make trips to the vet for stitches. The trips the the vet never deterred her from going to ground for her quarry. One memorable day she managed to drag a raccoon out of its hole and we saw blood everywhere. After checking Jasper over we realized the blood was not hers except for the bite on her muzzle where she grabbed the raccoon by its lower jaw.

After 2 years with Jasper we added our second Jack named Doty. At first Jasper just looked at Doty as an alien invasion but soon they became good friends. We added 5 more Jacks to our family over the years and truly believe that they are like potato chips, you can never stop at just one. As our Jack family grew it became clear that my husband David and Jasper were forming a special bond. He started taking her with him when he worked in the yard and to work. Her trips to his work at the airport had to be cut off when she decided to go chase a rabbit out on the runway as an airliner was taking off. A stern reprimand from the airport authority meant she had to stay in the hanger when she went to work with him. Lucky for the bunnies. Nights were spent vieing for David's spot on the pillow in bed.

Jasper was also a great mother to the two litters of puppies that she had. We still get visits from her babies at our annual "Puppy Party".

Jasper spent a lot of her time perched in the window watching for gophers. She would just vibrate whenever they popped their heads up. Our neighbors horse pasture was relatively free of gopher holes because Jasper kept such a good patrol of our property and his. She would spend hours waiting at the entrance to a hole on the off side and nab the gopher as it peeked out to check for danger. I once saw her do a mid-air 180 degree pounce into a hole after a gopher. Where are the video cameras when you need them.

Jasper represented Jack Russell's everywhere at the local Jack races during fairs and almost every dog related booth and exhibition we could find locally. She was great with kids and other dogs and won over a lot of hearts.

Jasper started having fluid build up in her chest area at shoulder height. We set up an appointment with the vet for the following day. When she woke up that morning her face and tissue under her jaw were swollen also. Xrays and sonagrams at the vet showed a large mass in her chest above her heart. We decided to try prednizone to reduce the tumor size and get some relief from the fluid build up. The swelling continued to increase in the following week and when we took her to the vet the prognosis was bad. Jasper was in pain from the pressure and you could see the pain in her eyes. It was time to do what was best for her and let her go. Jasper pain ended and our grieving began. The vet called and let us know that we had made the right decision for her. The tumor had invaded all of her circulatory system above the heart and was connected to her ribs. It was inoperable.

Jaspers pictures and memories will live on with us and all those who loved her. My heart has a hole in it that will take a long time to mend.

Posted March 31, 2010


My seven month old baby boy brought me so much joy and happiness into my life. Born just a week after my birthday, on March 18 2009, it was like he was made just for me. I got him off a close friend of mine that breeds and raises Jack Russell's, I've been around her Jack's for more than three years and fell in love with the breed and made a commitment to helping her with them, I asked her if I could have pick of her next litter. While Nelly, Uno's mom, was pregnant my friend frequently asked what kind of Jack I wanted. I told her I wanted something like her stud Shad-rack, the daddy, tall but stocky, wired hair, and colorful, and that's exactly what I got.

The day I got the call that she had given birth to two puppies was the happiest day of my life. I left school early to go pick up the pups with her, but when we got to the vet we found out that only one lived, Uno. On the car ride home I held Nelly and her puppy in the back, never taking my eyes off of them, and my friend told me that the puppy was mine. My baby boy, I never felt so happy and guilty for getting the only pup. Every day sense we brought the family home I went over after school and held Uno for hours, I would lay on the floor with Nelly and Uno would lay on my chest and crawl under my chin. I still remember the day he finally opened his eyes, I was holding him, his first steps, and his first bark.

Like a true Jack Russell he was fearless and showed it at a young age, he would slip through the holes in the gate to the room where we kept him and he would try and play with the older dogs. When I got to finally take him home, he quickly became friends with my inside and outside cats, along with our horses and our blue heeler. He went everywhere with me, he loved car rides almost as much as horseback riding. When he wasn't ridding with me he would follow along on the ground. He would play with the horses when we went out to the barn and loved to roll in hay. Like his dad he was very good at picking people out, very picky about whom he liked, if Uno didn't trust you than you weren't getting close to me.

I can still feel that feeling when the accident happened, my mom took Uno out to the barn to throw the horses in for the night, and I stayed in because I wasn't feeling well. In the back of my head I felt like something bad had happened. Then I got that call. I knew what had happened, I ran out to barn to find my mom holding him in a towel, our stall horse kicked him in the head. I called his name, and remember him looking at me than nothing. I saw the life leave his eyes. I cried for three days straight after that, I could barley function at school, and i wouldn't talk to anyone. The pain was, and still is, heart crushing.

After a while my mom and my friend went looking for Jack Russell puppies and found me Lady. She's nothing like Uno in appearance, but had that same attitude that stood out to me. She's become more than a best friend to me and has helped me move past Uno's death. I'm happy to have spent those seven months with Uno, but can now focus on Lady, my baby girl. Having her in my life helps so much, her spunk and playful attitude keeps me busy, playing with her and training her. She's quickly filling the hole in my heart. I'm happy to have Lady in my life.

Love you baby boy-always

March 18, 2009 - October 26, 2009

Posted December 20, 2009


To the perky-eared, bright-eyes, waggy-tailed dog who stole our hearts, Dexter, we miss you so much still & just wanted to put our feelings & memories of you somewhere where they would last forever.

We miss your happiness, your contagious, uncontainable, incorrigible happiness. There was no game too silly for you, no homecoming too boring, and no walk outside too mundane. You loved life and we loved your zest and your appetite for all adventures. I will always remember that even on the table as you were dying, your tail wagged in happiness to have people around you, though you weren't supposed to be able to move a muscle. It seemed a crime to put out such a bright light as yours, but we didn't want you to suffer anymore. We hope your body is finally at peace and that you are finally leaping over fields of tall grass and burrowing through holes in the ground.

But, it was your love that made you a part of our family. I leaned on your company, loyalty & limitless affection during my loneliest times. I'll never forget the way you would empathize & whine whenever a baby would cry or the way you sunk your ears if the children got in trouble. Your body and intelligence may have been canine, but your soul was as deep as a human's. You were our companion, and during this last move, one of our only friends. I owe you so much. After all, it was because of you that I first felt reassured Mila would be a part of the world we live in. We miss you and love you, and hope that you are finally peaceful and happy. There is no kind enough word or action generous enough to express just what you meant to me. There will never be a replacement for your ears, one alert, one floppy. Your absence stings and can only hope we will see you again, with your tail wagging.


Ingrid, Mike, Camila and Henry

Posted December 22, 2009

Rhody Ro

Rhody Ro, also known as Rosie, Ro, RosaLinda, was a gift to myself. I purchased her back in January 2002 from a breeder out in Illinois who was also a horse breeder. Ro ended up coming out in the cab of a horse hauler who was delivering one of their horses to Maine. I met them in Massachusetts off an 95 exit. She was a tiny little black and white smooth-coated terrier with two little nubs on her head for ears. She looked a little like Mickey Mouse back then!

Our existing male Jack was not too keen on her arrival but even as a small pup, she put him right in his place if he tried to push his ranking! She grew into one beautiful and talented dog. I took her to obedience classes and she was the star. I started her in agility and once again, she took to it like a duck to water.

She was my faithful companion for almost 7 years. All her life she had minor digestive issues. She just wouldn't eat at times and was always munching on grass. This escalated this past July when she was unable to process her food and would vomit it back up. I took her in to our regular vet who ran a CBC on her. They came back and told me that she needed to go to the hospital and that she was in kidney failure! I took her immediately to the hospital in our area and she stayed the weekend. They pumped her full of fluid but it didn't affect her kidney levels one bit. Her blood pressure was also very high...240. They did an ultrasound on her kidneys but that didn't really show anything. They couldn't give us a definite diagnosis. One vet said kidney failure, one said something called GN and the specialist thought she had irritable bowel syndrome.

It seemed her body was working against her now. They switched her food to a vet diet and she took to it well and was fine on it for a month or so, then...same thing again. We switched her to a different variety and again...she was fine for a few weeks, then again her body would start to reject it. She was losing weight and eventually her energy also dwindled. She went from 16 down to 11 pounds. She was skin and bones.

We came to the heartwrenching decision that we would have to let her go. It was the one last kindness we could offer her. She had just turned 7 . Her life was half what it should have been. And she was just such a great dog. She would wait for me when everyone was leaving the house. She wouldn't budge until she knew I was coming as well. She would also look to me to say go or stop or come or leave it. She would look right in my eyes. And that tail of hers! She could wag that tail so fast it would seem she would take off at any moment. She loved everybody she met. I miss her tremendously. I can't even express how much. I have her pictures and her ribbons to remind me but nothing fills the hole in my heart. I miss you RhodyLynn and we will see each other again, I promise.

Posted September 17, 2009

Morgan Hill Tango

On July 14 2009 I lost my champion Morgan Hill Tango he was almost 3 yrs old. As I write this almost 2 months have passed and I still think about him everyday, it is one of the hardest things I have ever had to go through. He was a great dog I know a lot of people probably say that but he truely was. He was great with children and loved people in general. When my brother would come over he would get so excited and wag his whole backside so fast he would almost fall over. I remember that first couple nites I had him when I put him in his crate to go to sleep he would make this sound that sounded like a chicken he kept me up alot the first couple days. And standing with him outside 2 am in the morning in January to use the bathroom boy was it cold. I remember when he caught his first animal a little squirrel I was all excited then I felt bad for him killing it. He also loved the water I think he might have had some Labrador in him. In 2007 him won the 6-12 month tall puppy racing championship, wow what a day! As I end this I think of the poem "The Rainbow Bridge" and I hope that there is a place like this so I can see my buddy again one day.

Posted August 29, 2009

Fax Simon

For thirteen years and two months, Fax enriched our lives and brought joy into our home. Born on March 15, 1996, Fax joined our family over Memorial Day weekend in 1996. He was a true Jack Russell Terrier. As a pup, he challenged us over and over. He could chew anything, run like lightening and jump higher than anyone could imagine possible. But, he gave so much unconditional love to us. In fact, we adopted him, in part, because he was the only puppy in the litter to jump on my husband's lap and shower him with "kisses".

There are many, many wonderful memories. Personally, I love to think about Christmas morning. There would always be a pile of wrapped gifts for my two sons and heap of wrapped gifts for Fax. Intuitively, Fax would head for his presents and would tear off the paper to examine each and every present.

For the first nine years of his life, Fax was full of energy. He loved to have guests in our home and he was a wonderful host always making everyone feel welcome and special. It was hard to imagine that by age nine, Fax would develop arthritis and show down considerably. However, in many ways the last years of his life were very fulfilling. He stayed very close to my husband and me and when we both retired in 2007, Fax became inseparable from us. We enjoyed him so much and he gave meaning to every day.

We knew the end was near in early spring of 2009. Fax's mobility deteriorated dramatically. We tried medications, chiropractic intervention and everything that was recommended by our veterinary practice. Finally, Fax moved into hospice. A wonderful vet visited our home weekly and gave us concrete suggestions to make Fax's life more pleasant. Up until the end, he retained a good appetite and a strong Jack Russell personality.

Finally, on July 13, 2009, it was time to part. Fax left us surrounded by a family who loved him on our screened porch, which he enjoyed so much. Since loosing him, our home has been so empty. We miss him and the joy and vitality that he brought to every day.

We'll cherish the memories and recall with true affection, this wonderful dog.

Fax's family included Matt, Jake and Eddie.

Posted February 21, 2009

Java Boy

It's been just 8 days since that dreaded day, and at times I, a grown man, still feel like a 10 year old boy, overwhelmed with emotion. Our loyal friend Java, a 5 year old JRT, had to be put down on Friday, February 13. It was a heart-wrenching decision, but our vet said it was the best thing we could do. There is a huge void in our home and hearts without our four-legged family member. He was so loving and affectionate, and just such a good boy. He never chewed up anything, or even snapped at anyone - ever. You could take a bone out of his mouth and he would look at you with those eyes as if to say - "please can I have it back?" Even in his passing, his consistently good nature and unconditional love continues to affect me in such a way that inspires me to be like him. Imagine that, learning such a profound lesson from a creature that is supposed to be "lower" than us. Java - you're my boy and I miss you tremendously.

DG / Connecticut

Posted January 5, 2009

Blackland Windstorm

It has taken me nearly a year to put this down and share it with everyone. I got my first jack in 1997 and thought she was the most wonderful thing I had ever seen next to my own 2 kids. I was quickly enraptured with showing, training and studied everything I could get my hands on for a year and half before having the first of 6 litters. My sweetheart performed well and kept us in stitches at home with her crazy antics. She had the cutest way of cocking her little head at us when she was confused or on the trail of any small creature. She was nicknamed Houdini for she was adept at escape. She was also the prettiest dog I have ever seen. Unfortunately, after 9/11, like a lot of folks, we found ourselves with no jobs. And not many prospects stemming from the IT market taking such a hit. Showing and any breeding program we were trying to establish came to a screeching halt along with membership dues. My love affair with that world came to a close. Along with 3 other dogs, we had 2 jacks - mother and daughter and we spayed them both and we all officially retired. We moved out to the country and the jacks really enjoyed the wide open spaces and doing some hunting. We did put up a backyard fence for those lazy days. Unfortunately my girl was very brave and very protective. One night at the potty break before bed, the Thursday before Halloween last year, the coyotes that live in this area wandered onto the place. My dogs all went bonkers. Barking and screaming, I had to wrestle them in. But there was only one that wouldn't come as I tried to get them. She climbed over the fence to fight and was snatched up and taken away. The vultures led me to her remains the next morning. My husband found her collar and tags a few feet away.

It is with a heavy heart that I try, in vain once again, to let my girl go and announce that Blackland Windstorm of Windy Hollow Kennels is no longer with us. Thank you to all of you who knew us and welcomed us with open arms during our time of being in the JR World. It was a truly remarkable experience.

Terri Coggins/Windy Hollow Kennels

Posted September 20, 2008


My bestfriend and the only thing I wanted for my 19th birthday, just this little dog I had my eye on at the pet store. Learning what this JRT I named Uno would become was unimaginable....his love of life, so smart and the charisma, blew everyone that knew him away. What a character he was!!!!!Then this past Easter was the day that would change everything. Uno just loved to sit on top of the backrest of the couch. He loved being outside, going for walks, rolling in the grass and basking in the sun and when he couldn't he was content in just being able to watch the people go by and wait for whoever wasn't home to get home.

That day began with a loud thump that came from that room with that couch that Uno loved so much. My parents rushed to see what is was yet nothing seemed to be out of place but there was an odd noise coming from behind the couch. There he was, so vulnerable and helpless having what we would soon find out was a seizure. How do you swallow something that seems so painful for your bestfriend and companion. Immediately, the vet put him on medication (Phenobarbitol) and we were told after many many tests maybe its epilepsy or maybe an allergy...what are you feeding him? Over the next five months Uno would have a seizure or two, every six to eight weeks. It didn't seem too bad and I had read thats lots of dogs have seizures the same way.

So why was this past Monday so different? In his usual spot on the couch while watching tv after not having had a seizure in over two months, there he was going through one of the worst ones he has ever had. One after another they came, my poor little guy had suffered more than 8 seizures in about an hour, we rushed him to a nearby animal hospital which helped get him through the night. He was pumped so full of medication that night and then sent home on Tuesday morning. He continued to suffer from yet another seizure every hour, it seemed like torture for him. How could my parents and I watch him endure such pain and suffering? Though we kept up hope and made yet another visit to the vet where we tried something new, his body could not handle it all and he continued to have seizures and our hearts broke forever. How could this be happening he is only 5 years old, what happened to out spunky, crazy, little guy? He was no more, he was drowsy and emptied of life, looking at him he was not that same dog we knew, he was hurting bad inside. ITS NOT FAIR! After 36 hours of seizing we decided his life was too precious to make him suffer this way. I had to put my baby to sleep on September 3 and now my world just seems so empty. Holding him while he took his last breath was by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I lost my bestfriend that day but I know now there is no more misery for him and he would have wanted us to remember him with all the laughter he caused and not the tears. I hear it gets better as the days pass but I do thank you for this opportunity to share my story with many others in my situation, your stories really helped me and I hope mine helps too.

He is in a better place now and I have the memories of him in my heart forever.

Love Always,

Maija ( Mommy and Daddy)

Posted May 14, 2008

Willomoor Tack - "Lumberjack"

March 20, 1990 - May 10, 2008
Best Friend and Companion

Sadly, after a very lengthy 4 year struggle with Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) (dementia), Willomoor Tack was euthanized on Saturday May 10, 2008 at the age of 18 years and 2 months. As his condition worsened in recent months it was very difficult to watch him decline and struggle with the advanced effects of this brain disease. He was a great companion for nearly twenty years and lived a great life.

He was blessed with tremendous athletic ability and intelligence as those that remember him will recall his exploits at racing, high jumping, agility, obedience and go-to-ground. His awards included three National agility titles and seven reserve titles in agility, racing, and obedience, an unbeaten high jump record and numerous other awards. He was also able to learn many complicated tricks as we would perform these on numerous occasions at trials, schools and elsewhere. My favorite award is an engraved trophy cup for "Best All Around Companion" - an award that considers several events (tricks, retrieval, agility) of both dog and handler. In the end this is the award that really has meaning as he was a great companion and some of my best memories of him did not involve awards. I trained and worked him hard for competition, but the trials I viewed as fun time for us. He lived every day on the edge and was very devoted. He demanded my attention. He sat on my shoulders when I walked and my lap when I sat.

He was involved with a number of action commercials, a promotional film, a billboard, and photo advertising. He excelled working on camera, where he had a great reputation for difficult shoots. In his later retired years, he enjoyed walks in the park (chasing squirrels) and lounging in the sun. For all his accomplishment and ability, I still thought him best at negotiating more than his fair share of the recliner, and space on the bed. While he is greatly missed and it is tough to say good-bye, I have countless priceless memories and feel very fortunate to have owned him and spent so much time with him, for which I was greatly rewarded.

Posted May 14, 2008


Natty, was our first Jack Russell. Natty was given to my daughter Christmas 2006 and she died November 2007 a month before Christmas. I inherited Natty after my daughter moved out to attend school. (I knew that was going to happen) so I became a grandmother. We got so attached to her that it just broke out heart when she passed. Natty was my riding buddy when I would go into the office. I had a 2 hour commute and Natty would attend doggy day camp while I worked. I miss my riding buddy and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her including the people who worked at the day camp "Best Friends". Natty's play friend was a Great Dane. They were adorable. She is dearly missed.
We miss you Natty!!!

Posted November 12, 2007


Skip was my little Jack Russel Terrier he was my best friend. I got him for my seventh birthday my mom and dad said they were going to shop for birthday presents. They came home and said they couldn't find any good presents all they found was a really cool beanie baby. They came up to me and set him in my lap and I yelled ah!!! He's alive!! He was so small that he was actually smaller than a beanie baby. My dad took him out side in our front yard and picked him up and he posed for him - it was awesome. He was solid white with brown circles around his ears and a black eye that looked like he had been punched. He was so cute. When he got older he used to sit in his water bucket. Cause I gave him so many baths.

But sadly on September 10 he died. We don't know what he died from and we will never know. I miss him so much that I think about him everyday. I will always love and miss him for the rest of my life because I'll always remember the little dog that was my dog Skip.


Posted February 9, 2007


In Loving Memorial

I do still think of my best friend, Blue, every day. My heartbroken is still aches because I miss her so much. She was perfect and smart. All my family loved her. She and I had wonderful life together for almost 15 years. My Vet tried to save her kidney at hospital, but after three days at hospital her kidney failed. I was upset and cried. I could not live without her. She was so special to me. She was my first Jack Russell Terrier. I loved her so much like my precious child. She liked to go under the ground. She chased bunnies and birds in the yard. She killed rats. My Aunt and Father told me that during their trip to visit in Kentucky, Blue chased and killed a mouse in a fireplace at the farm in the winter. She got black dirt on her face and body. My father had to give her a bath. Another time she chased and killed a mouse in the basement. She was a good catcher. In 1996, she won two blue ribbons in Go-To-Ground class (show) after my Father died a few months later. She loved walking, playing, chasing me and I chased her in the yard. She was much fun and she made me laughs. She made me so happy and I made her happy. If I was sad, she would be sad. After I gave her a bath, she ran round in living room and dinner room with happy clean. She loved to have my hands massage her neck and back to relax. She rubbed my hands as telling me please massage her neck or back for her.

Blue became deaf about two years ago. I touched her for her attention to me because she could not hear. It could be age-related. I was born first deaf in my family history. She was more like me. I keep many nice pictures of her. I always feel very close to her. I miss her sorely. After she died, I had a dream of my father. He looked at me with his smile. I wondered why he smiled at me. I think he probably wanted to let me know that Blue is with him in the heaven. She will always be in my heart.


Posted June 15, 2006


Rescued March 30, 1998 - Passed from this earth June 11, 2006
Corbu was the best dog one could ask for. He was so smart and loving. He had a heart of gold and would protect his family at any cost.
Keith's brother found him running around the neighborhood and knew that this was the kind of dog that Keith wanted. Corbu has been with us ever since.
Corbu was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure in November of 2005. His heart was so large that it looked like a grapefruit within his rib cage. He got really sick on Tuesday, May 16th and we thought that we would have to put him down. Fortunately, our vet, who is the best, was able to change is medication and he was back to his old self. She told us that he was a very sick little dog with a lot of spirit. She was up front and told us that he only had weeks to months to live. We were heart broken.
Corbu passed away on Sunday, June 11, 2006. He waited until all his family got to see him. He passed away from this earth at home with us right by his side. He made sure to let us know what was happening. He fought to the end.
We are so grateful that we were able to be home with him and comfort him during his passing. We knew that it was coming but it was still very hard. There are many people who lose their dogs because of accidents or other freak things. We were lucky enough to know what was going to happen and prepare. However, no matter how much you prepare it still hurts.
Corbu will always be Daddy's Buddies and Mamma's Son.
We love you with all our hearts. You may be gone from this earth, but your memory and spirit will live on forever in our hearts.
Love always and forever,
Daddy (Keith), Mamma (Angela), Roxy and Toby

Posted June 5, 2006


Our Jack Russell Terrier named Chloe was hit by a truck on 25 May 2006. She had (as we found out later) irreparable damage to her pelvis.
Chloe fought to the end to stay alive. She wanted to live, but she was just too damaged.
She loved to chase the John Deere, the water hose, the weed eater.
She loved to play ball with the kids.
She was a loving dog and a wonderful companion. We will miss her.
The Lowder's

Posted April 19, 2006


March 21, 1993 -- July 20, 2005.
Long eyelashes, a fuzzy face and a Buddha belly. The pee-pee sit, the big sigh and the shoulder snooze. Bird catcher, sun worshipper and pillow hog. Gentle, fierce, fragile, strong, loving and loved.
Rest in peace, Mee Mee. We miss you.
Mom and Dad and Sissy

Posted June 17, 2005


Milo came into our life July 4th weekend last year and has been our constant companion ever since. I have always wanted a JRT and although my husband wanted a "big dog", he fell in love with this little dynamo as hard as I did. Milo went biking, walking and kayaking with us. He was 100% energy, but was happiest sleeping in our laps in the evening. He was all I could ever want in a Jack Russell and was the sweetest, happiest, handsomest dog you could ever find. He was great with the children and caught all of the voles and moles around the garden. This weekend he slipped out of the gate while my husband was unloading lumber and made a beeline for our neighbor's agressive pit bull next door. He didn't turn around to my yelling and his curiousity was his downfall. It took three men to pull Milo out of the jaws of that horrible dog. True to his indomitable spirit he was alert and awake all the way to the emergency clinic, and because of that, we thought he would be okay. It came as a terrible terrible shock to find that his internal injuries were too terrible to fix.
It seems so wrong that we should only have this wonderful dog for one short year, and I despair of finding another as terrific as he, but it helped to find this memorial page today and realize that we are not alone in our grief.
Milo is buried out on our friend's farm near a pond, where he can catch all the voles he will ever want.

Posted March 18, 2005


My wife Anita and I got our little Riley last April 2004. She was the best little buddy we could have ever asked for. She went everywhere with us. Slept with us a lot. When we played baseball we had her in the dug out. She was the team mascot. My wife also took her to work every single day. This puppy was loved and cared for beyond belief. On Mar.05/2005 our lives changed forever when Riley jumped out of my wife's car and bolted right for the street. I was outside and little Riley would always come running right to me, but this night was different. She just had to run on the street. Unfortunately a car ran a stop sign so he could rush in front to another car to get ahead of it and Riley never saw it coming. I was at the side of my house and couldn't really see, but I could here my wife yelling Riley!! Riley! And then Oh no Riley! I ran up and Riley had been hit. But being the tough little Jack she was she sat back for a moment, looked at us at let out 2 little rufs to say good-bye. I have never seen something look so scared in my life. My wife quickly grabbed her and we rushed her to the hospital. The hospital gave us a room and an oxygen mask for the little Riley. But it was too late. She had her leg broken and the some skin was off of it right to the bone. I was hoping she was just in shock, but when the vet came to the hospital he said she was gone and had suffered too many internal injuries.
Riley was one of my best friends, and as a 30 year old I feel no shame in saying that. My wife and I are just devastated. It's the first dog we ever owned and we spent so much time with her that she quickly became a part of us. That little puppy just wanted to love everyone she met, and even some of my friends who are in their 30s were crying after I told them. That was the effect Riley had on people. Whoever met her fell in love with her in a second.
We are going to get another for sure, and we are actively looking already. But I know there will only be one little Riley. The best pal my wife and I ever had.
We miss you little buddy. We always will.

Posted February 19, 2005


April - 10/2/03 - 12/15/04
April, affectionately known as "Sissie girl", was born on October 2, 2003 along with her brother, Buster, to my "mom" JRT, Sophie. She brought so much joy to my heart. Even after she was first born, she was the independent one. While Buster would cuddle up close to Sophie for warmth, April was scooting around the whelping box being independent. As she grew, her personality deepened. She loved being outdoors. She loved chasing squirrels and actually caught one, only to be bitten in the foot. In her short life, she also suffered a severe case of pancreatitis, but she fought her way back to good health.
April and Buster were inseparable. They played together all day long. April loved to taunt Buster, who would play fetch with a tennis ball for hours on end. She would grab the ball before he could and just run around the room or yard with it. She didn't really care about the ball. She just liked to tease Buster with it. She would always let him take it out of her mouth.
April (along with Buster and Sophie) slept in my bed and would cuddle down by my legs to stay warm. She was very loving. Her favorite treat, it seemed, was orange sherbet. She came up right onto my lap every time I had it because she knew she would get to have the last bit each time.
I was always told JRTs were free spirits and April definitely was. She would slide out the front door more than once to get a chance to run. I always managed to get her back safe and sound. That is, until December 15, 2004. She got out along with Sophie & Buster. Sophie & Buster were scooped up safely but as April came back across the road, she was hit by a car that did not even stop.
My sadness is deeper than I can comprehend. Even though I still have Buster & Sophie, which I am very grateful for, I miss Sissie girl so desperately already. She filled a place in my heart that only she could fill.
Thank you April for being everything God created you to be. I will miss you every day for the rest of my life.
Dawn Miller

Posted Janaury 22, 2005


My 17 year old Jack Russell Trixie died last week in my arms. She was very special to us and i really feel that she is still here with us in spirit. My name is Helen Kiely-Leonard and I live in Ireland. I write poetry and I wrote one tonight in memory of my best friend Trixie.

In memory of trixie

Where is that bark, that so often shrilled
The gentle face, that always thrilled
The pitter-patter of four little feet
That came running for your favorite treat

I'd call ''WALKIES'', you'd run in
Your excitement created quite a din
With lead and jacket, we'd set out
You loved to see who was about

If Lawrence came by, you'd greet him so
You'd both put on quite a show
Every visitor was scrutinized
If they were okay, you'd be nice

Sr Nuala became your mate
You'd welcome her inside the gate
With some others, you'd strip your teeth
And show them that you were the heat

You followed me everywhere
And sometimes, you just sat and stared
Even though, now, you're gone, you're always here
I seem to sense you very near
Written by Helen Kiely-Leonard.
January 22, 2005 IRELAND

Posted July 25, 2004


It will be a year July 31st, 2004 that we had to put our boy down. "Bubbie" as we called him was our baby, our only child.
He was spoiled rotten and he knew it. Everything "bubbie" wanted "Bubbie" got.
Unfortunately one thing we couldn't give to Bubbie was a longer life. He was diagnosed with the worst kind of cancer in June 2003. The vet ( a very special man) tried the best to comfort us, knowing how much he meant to us. He estimated generously...6 months, a year maybe.
Bubbie lost his battle at the end of July 2003 a short month after being diagnosed, my husband and I could no longer stand the pain of watching him suffer, he was 13.
No doubt he was the best thing that ever happened to us and the memories will always be there, so will the tears and the emptiness in our hearts of him not being here.
Until we meet again at the "Rainbow Bridge".
Bubbie we love you...........
Mom and Dad

Posted June 25, 2004


I wanted a Jack since I was a little girl and when I finally got my baby I was so happy. He was wonderful. Even though he chewed everything and was never really housebroken he was my best friend and I loved him dearly. One day we came home to find him dead in his cage. We still don't know the cause. I was lucky to have him if even for a short time. We love and miss you Coz.

Posted June 22, 2003

Professor Longhair

Professor Longhair was born in a New Orleans hotel room while his family was traveling to a horse show. He was named after an old black New Orleans jazz pianist from the '30s. He was the only pup in the litter that didn't get claimed - all because of a little fungus on his chin that was easily cleared up with a little cream. He was the cutest thing around I thought, but Tom had said our German Shepherd Angel was enough for us. I volunteered to "foster Mom" him for a few days though.
I brought the little guy home all zipped up in my jacket with just his head popping out above the zipper and under my chin. Even then, Professor got cold so easily. My first step in the door with this scraggly, fungus chinned tyke Tom exclaimed "oh no - not another dog", but we were both hooked, and it was love at first sight. Until we got that fungus cleared up, we used to sing "There's a fungus among us" every time Professor was around. Professor got even with Tom though, quietly teetering across my lap into Tom's and gently depositing his breakfast into Tom's lap when Tom drove a little too enthusiastically down the curvy road to the barn.
Professor was definitely a Daddy's boy. One call of "puppy, puppy, puppy!" from Tom would send him into a frenzy when he was little. Later in life, he would jump into Tom's lap, flop over on his back, and stretch out full length on Tom's long legs to get the best belly scratches. Oh how he loved that! He also loved serving as Tom's air guitar - he would close his eyes and smile as Tom strummed many of Dire Straights tunes on his side. He was a jumper too - all you would have to say is "pup-up" and he would leap straight up into your arms. He used to be so jealous of our horse Opie that he would take a running start, hit the stall wall, and bounce the six feet or more up to nip at Opie's nose!
There were so many scares with this little dog that had become the light of our life. The time he was so excited to run out into the garage to see his daddy and mistimed his step with the swing of a golf club. He had epileptic seizures that started when he was just a year and a half old. We spent the rest of his life caring for that. There was the 4th of July when we had just prepared a great meal, and Professor decided that would be a good time to lick a frog! (several times). Another few hours spent at the emergency vet. And the multiple times he and his sister Bella would break out of the yard to frolic the neighborhood and give his mommy and daddy heart failure looking for them (he needed his seizure medicine). The big one was when he decided to protect his home and go after a Rottweiler mix that had strayed into our yard. Another few years off of our lives after hours in emergency surgery. Then there was the cat killing incident and his snapping at our dear friend's daughter - probably the only really bad things he had ever done (the cat one is debatable...)
Professor Longhair Fulton had a million nicknames - probably the most popular ones were variations of "Scooter". Professor could scoot around like the wind, he get those little legs flying so fast underneath him, and be off after a rat or something (real or imaginary). "Scooter" led to "Scootie", "Scoots", "Scoot-a-loots" (which we sang to our cell phone start-up tone), "Scoot-scoot-scootio" (sung to the Genesis song - "Su-su-sudio"), which led to "Scupatie and Scupatie Muppets" (I know it's a stretch). He had others though, just depending on how he was acting - "Little Monkey", "Little Guppie" "Peanut", "Pumpkin", "Butternut Squash" (some of the colors in the spots on his coat) - "little man", "mani-cosa", "il capo" and the obvious "Prof" and "Fessie" were popular ones too.
Scooter definitely squirmed, wiggled, and wedged his way into our hearts, the same way he wiggled into our bed. He had to sleep in the bed with us, under the covers (we called that "underground" as he is a Jack Russell). I would dare anyone to keep him from sleeping there. You would have a fight on your hands all night long. He nearly always had to sleep in between Tom and I (though Tom would at least push him down by our feet, but he would end up curling himself up in the crook of your leg - behind your bent knee, or worse, in between your legs on top of the covers. It made rolling over during the night very difficult.
One of Scooter's great loves was his red squeekie toy. He was very easy to shop for at Christmas time! The first one we got him he wouldn't put down - he would play with it non-stop! We had to put it in a dresser drawer at night, and he would whine for 5 or 10 minutes after we put it away. After the obsession wore off, it became a lifelong dependable toy. How many hours have Tom and I and anyone else that couldn't resist thrown that red toy for him. I will never stop hearing "get your toy-toy Fessie" echoing through the house.
And how he loved his fireplace in the winter. He would jump up on the hearth and stare at the logs until we lit it for him. Then he would lay so close we would have to yell at him to get back - him panting the whole time!
As much fun as Scooter was, he was the best listener and companion you could ever ask for. He would curl up in your arms like a baby and look up at you with those big, brown, seal-pup eyes and listen to everything. In fact, being in your lap was the best place he liked to be. It didn't matter who you were. We used to joke that it seemed like when others came over, he would always be in the lap of the person he knew the least. After dumping a lot of little white hairs all over you (especially if you were wearing black), he would look at you as if to say "lets get things straight, I own you!" As much as he loved adults and being a lap-toy, he despised other dogs (other than his sister Bella, whom he adored). He spent hours running up and down the fence-line barking, snarling, and snapping at anyone walking by our property with another dog. He loved his yard too. On sunny days he would spend hours stretched out on the hot patio - soaking up the sun like a lizard.
That is where Professor took his last breath, at 2:45 PM on Friday, June 20th, 2003- on his beloved patio, with his mommy and daddy at his head, holding him close, telling him how much they loved him, and watching that spark still in his eyes, slowly fade away. True to his nature, he never let on to the pain he must have been in as cancer took over his pancreas and liver. Not until the last days did he reveal the hurt he was experiencing, but he still fought it, trying to drink water at least, but it wouldn't stay down. That last morning, as I sat in the early morning on the patio, with him in a familiar position on my lap, he still managed one last growl for someone walking by our fence with their dog on the way to the park. All the other dogs in heaven need to watch out, as Professor's coming.
We told Professor to go and find his sister Angel, who left us 9 years ago. She will take care of him and show him all the best places to chase rabbits, run and play. We told him to wait for us there and we will come find him one day. He is in a better place now, but we will miss his presence in our lives immensely.
Rest in peace my sweet little munchkin. We miss you so much.
Professor Longhair Fulton
August 3rd 1992 - June 20th 2003

How much do I love you?
I'll tell you no lie.
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?
How many times in a day
Do I think of you?
How many roses are
sprinkled with dew?

How far would I travel
just to be where you are?
How far is the journey
from here to a star?
And if I ever lost you
how much would I cry?
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?

Tom and Shari Fulton
Elk Grove, CA

Posted June 22, 2003


I lost my best friend March 14, 2003. She was a 10 year old wonderful JR who was the best friend anyone could have. Her illness(IMHA) that killed her was short lived-it took her within 5 days of diagnosis. I have never gone through anything so hard. I still cry for her because I miss her terribly. A quoted I came across several years ago is "Dearly loved, daily missed"-so true. In Snert's honor, I rescued a 3 year od JR who had been found on the run-I think Snert would have wanted me to help someone instead of buying a puppy. If grief is the price we pay for having loved, so be it. I'll love Annie as much as I did Snert. I will always love you dearly, Snert. There's no better friend than you. Goodbye, my trusted, furry friend.
Love, your human mom
Holly Winslow

Posted June 22, 2003


Not long before we were married, my ex-husband saw a picture of a little dog in a Victoria's Secret magazine. He didn't know what kind it was, but he knew that was the dog he wanted. He later asked his dad and his dad said it was a Jack Russell Terrier. After we were settled down we went looking for one. We found an ad in a newspaper and went out to see the last puppy available. When we got there a little dog ran out from behind the house and I just thought that was the puppy, nope that was the sire, right behind him was a tiny thing who'd eaten more than he should've and had a belly bigger than the rest of his body. I don't think there was a moment from then on that I didn't know that soul was perfect.
Shortly after I got him I woke up one morning and he was treating my hair like a wild animal. When I tried to crate train him....what a nightmare, I didn't know such a tiny thing could be so loud.
We puppy proofed the house, and the yard, but he was a JRT, shouldn't they have a warning tattooed somewhere that says "escape artist"? He found a high spot in the ground and learned to scale the chain link fence to chase after me as I left for work. When we fixed that he learned to wait till my ex wasn't paying attention and slip out the door. I once caught him after he'd been playing in what could only have been a sewer ditch and had to rinse him twice before taking him inside to bathe him.
He helped me deal with my depression. Always getting in my face and licking the tears till I was humored enough to push him away. He'd only stay away if he was satisfied I wasn't upset anymore. If I got home from work at all late he would refuse to eat, which meant his stomach would growl, which meant my guilt would be immeasurable and I'd feed him anything to make it stop. Little rat, I swear he did it on purpose.
Well, last Sunday we went to the new Riverside, CA dog park on Limonite. The bars on the small dog side are too wide and they don't have any signs saying the park's not open, not finished, etc. and Rusty squeezed between the bars. He probably would've been ok, but when I heard that motorcycle I knew he would chase it. When I got to him he was still alive, but by the distant look in his eyes, the grey of his mouth and the blood on his nose I knew it was over. I took him to the first vet I came to and he only lasted a few minutes. I had him cremated and he's on my nightstand right now. Later when it doesn't hurt so much I'll move him. My cat, a Siamese I've had for 8 years insists on sleeping on the bed next to the nightstand. The box is made of cedar, but I put some of his fur and his collars in there so I guess Charlie can still smell him. He wouldn't be quiet for the first few days.
I have 4 other dogs so I won't get another one right now and it's ok too. I prayed almost every day I had that dog that he "not get old and die". Well, I was hoping for the whole wish, but I knew the second half wasn't realistic. God gave me the first half though. Rusty just turned 10 last month, another year or so and he would've started showing his age, he was already getting a little grey. I'll never have to see him go blind, or lose kidney function, get arthritis or have to make the heart wrenching decision of when to stop his suffering. God made it quick and as painless as possible, I don't think there was much suffering, he didn't let me put Rusty through a lot of unnecessary work that wouldn't have saved him and he gave me just enough time to say good bye. I put my hand on his chest and felt his heart beat for last time and he quit breathing. I know my tears are selfish, but I do miss him so. I swear that he's whispering in everyone else's ears though. My German Shepherd especially, she's taken up so many of his habits and she's been a tremendous comfort this week. I'll get through it, I'm just so lost right now.

Posted June 22, 2003


We bought Sunny from a local breeder at just 8 weeks of age after the death of my 9 year old Chihuahua due to terminal cancer. I was six months pregnant with my first child and her favorite place to be was on my warm big belly. We all grew to love this little cuddle bug almost immediately.
She loved our Golden Retriever fiercely, and when he died of Cushings disease last year we got a lab to be her buddy. She perfected growling without showing her teeth for all the babies she had to raise in this house.
Last night, she slipped under our fence. We all searched for her for hours. In the few hours that we fell asleep,she was hit and killed less than a mile from our home. I found her barefoot and in my nightgown at three am--I must have been a sight for my neighbors out there howling in the street.
I sincerely hope the rescue will consider us for a new Jack as I can't imagine helping any better little breed. Sunny, named for her disposition, helped me when I was most down. I sincerely hope she is back with her buddy Yogi in Doggie Heaven, running and playing as they used to love to do. My sympathy to all those who have loved and lost. Keturah Mazo and family Melbourne, FL

Posted June 22, 2003


I received my baby Jack Russell on Valentine's Day in 1988 and named her Rudy. For 14 years she was by my side constantly, going everywhere with me, she was my life. She loved to ride in the car, in the boat and loved to go hiking in the mountains. It wasn't until she was 13 years old that she began to slow down on our mountain hikes, but I bought a pouch for her to ride in on my chest and she would sit in that pouch until she was rested and ready to run again.
On September 27, 2002 I lost my best friend, my baby girl, Rudy. Not a day goes buy that I don't grieve for her, and I still have trouble accepting that she is gone forever. Sometimes the sadness seems too much to bear.
Rudy, you will never be forgotten your always in my heart.
Love Mom

Posted June 22, 2003


This is for in the hopes that each and every person who has or will have the true gift of loving a Jack Russell could possibly know the love that my Jack Russell gave to me for 14 years. Keifer was my first rough Jack Russell.When anyone knew him they always loved that "wild man". He never stopped/never gave up/ full of piss & vineger 24/7. Always loved me no-matter what....I was his Ma! My Keifer made it through Parvo when he was 7 months old.I would not give up. At the age of 3 years,He had a very hard time with recovery from a Back Surgery,but with the grace of God and good friends to help me when I needed them...we are up and running once again.Dr.Randy Basinger in Columbia S.C. you and your team ROCK.Ya'll are the best of the best. The ol' man hung in there another 4 years and had to have another surgery. Recovery...again great. He gave me as I gave him the best love and care two best friends could give. Sadly this year my ol'man could no longer fight the fight nor could I allow that strong Jack Russell who in his mind was still only just a wee pup....feel another second of pain. I did what was one thing in my life I thought I could never do...mind you I could do this for anyone else...cry with them/hold their animal as if it was mine even though I had only the pleasure of maybe 10 minutes...their owner knew that when I told them I would hold them and love them all the way..they knew that I would do no less. I called no one...went alone...damn near lost my mind I thought for a time or two during it all. In the end,I hope someone might allow me to leave this world with my favorite ball,chew toys and collar that only one dog wore and send me with some of the best treats till I get to Heaven.
Keifer....The true meaning of a Best Friend. 1989~~2003

Posted June 22, 2003


It will be one year April 15 that we lost Ginger. She was my first JRT and will forever be in my heart. She would have been 5 years old by now, a birthday gift for my son. "Doogie", today we talked to you in the yard, I hope you can hear how much we love and miss you.
Hugs and kisses from Mommy, Sam, and Pepper

Posted June 22, 2003


I lost my buddy bruno on February 13 2003. He was taken for his daily morning walk by my friend. We took turns walking the dogs. I'll never forget that morning when the phone rang. It was the phone call I will never forget. My friend told me to hurry and meet her at the animal emergency hospital that bruno was hit by a car. I was in a state of shock, and started to scream and panic. It was my worst nightmare. When I arrived at the emergency hospital, I was escorted to one of the waiting rooms where my friend and my other two dogs were. Iwas told by the doctor that bruno was on oxygen and for the next 24 hours would be critical. I told him please do what you can to save him. He then came back in the room and told us that bruno's heart stopped and that he died of internal injuries. We both lost our best buddy that day. We had him for 2 wonderfull years. Bruno loved going to the beach and play with his ball, he always had a ball in his mouth to play with. I know he knew we loved him so very much. He is missed by everyone who knew him. I just want to say I love you Bruno my buddy!

Posted June 22, 2003


Today we lost out friend hit by a car right in front of our house. he came to us thru a tenant that got him and then wanted to get rid of him because he killed one of his chickens. I do not know how old he was the vet said about 18 months. we took him in mostly for my daughter she is 7 and lost her grandfather 6 months ago also in a traffic accident. she wanted a dog and this sweet little dog looked perfect for her. He was very happy and spunky we would take him to my parents house and they also fell in love with him. we only had him for 5 months but I know we will never forget him. This was the first JRT I have had but he will not be the last. Farewell my sweet friend.
We will miss you Robert, Mellissa, Maria

Posted June 22, 2003


I received Billy when he was just 5 weeks old, and immediately fell in love with him. He had his own little attitude about him. He was very good with my two daughters, and loved my other dog. Sadly, on March 8, 2003, after only having Billy six months, I got word that he had been hit by a car. I was not home, and thankfully did not see it happened, because I think it would have devastated me. Upon hearing what happened, I immediately rushed to the emergency vet clinic to see my boy. I spent time with him and was assured he would be ok. I went home only to receive a call by the vet stating Billy had gone into arrest and would require CPR, but Billy did not make it home that day. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about my boy Billy. In just a short time, he warmed our hearts and filled our house with love. We miss you Billy....
Deeply missed By Rob and The Sisente Family

Posted March 19, 2003


17th September 1987 - 8th March 2003

They say that time will heal, my friend
I wish that were so true
For we have lost our dearest friend in life
Our hero, that was you

So full of life and mischief you were there to bring a smile
Chasing shadows in the sunshine as you played with us a while

You brought us so much joy, my friend
I could not believe it true
That we were blessed to have our little boy
So special, that's YOU!!!

Now life has drawn an empty space for us
And broken hearts are ours
For we have lost a special friend
Who danced amongst the flowers

Sleep peacefully, my little friend
And dream those puppy dreams
Then one day not so long from now
We shall meet and chase the sunbeams

To our dearest and much loved Ben. Who was sadly taken from us to play in heaven while he waits to greet us once more. Life without Ben will be more than we can possibly bear. Until we meet again....our dearest darling boy....

Lots of Love from your Mum and Dad and your JR friend - Dotty in England

Posted February 16, 2003


In just two short years she brought us so much happiness. She made us laugh and smile. We hope we will soon be able to remember her with a smile instead of a tear. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing, they miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks in the distance, suddenly she begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, her legs carrying her faster & faster. YOU have been spotted! and when you and your special pet meet you cling together in joyous reunion never to be parted again, then you cross Rainbow Bridge together!
Sadly missed by Tom & Sharon

Posted February 16, 2003


I received this wonderful puppy two days after having to put my only dog to sleep, friends gave her to me for my 24th birthday. I never thought I could love a dog so much as what I loved Chelsea, in my eyes she was perfect in every way. She brought me 13 years of happiness and companionship like no other dog has before, we both new what each one was thinking before anything was asked of each other. She had been a major part of my life, she was always there through thick and thin....and she never judged you when you made a mistake. She became very ill in April '02 with cancer, she was such a trooper through all the vet visits, medication and seizures that she had. On December 3, 2002 she was having trouble breathing, I looked in her eyes and knew that this was our last day together. I took her to the vet and xrays were taken, and the cancer had spread...there was nothing else that could be done. She is still with me in spirit and has come back in my dreams to let me know that she will always be in my soul forever always.

Posted February 16, 2003


The JRT Rusty of my sister died 20/01/2003, I'm so said about it because the way how he died was so indecent, I'm really mad that it happened this way.
My sister had first 2 JRT and afterwards 1 Weimaraner, the weimaraner always thought she was top dog of the familily, Chance the 3 color JRT liked to be the boss also, Rusty always was the kind of JRT that wouldn't mind not be top dog, as long if you loved her enough everything was allright. Last year the weimaraner already had biten Rusty very baddely and we already recommended to my sister to leave Rusty by my mother's house or to take them appart or that I would adopt one of the dog's (the JRT's) as my dog but she didn't wanted that because she loved them too much (I understand), because we knew that this would happen again, it was last sunday that I last said to my mother that my sister didn't have to leave them alone without watching them. Well monday she was driving with the dogs in the car, without bench because the bench was in the other car suddenly Rusty and Chance had a little fight, my sister stopped her car and by the time she stopped her car the weimaraner was also fighting with the JRT's she couldn't get them appart even though Rusty was submissive the 2 others wouldn't let Rusty go and she was screaming for help, nobody came to help my sister, suddenly the weimaraner bite in the neck of Rusty, she died a moment after, the poor thing, what was going through her mind, would she feel liberated now that she's safe in heaven???
We miss her a lot and feel so bad that it happened, I hope she'll forgive us one day.

Posted February 16, 2003


I found her in an online "free to good home" sort of ad. in a Clermont, FL newspaper. She was a Jack Russell terrier dog. Usually, these dogs are very expensive, but this one was different. She needed a good and loving home as much as I needed a good and loving friend---someone to take care of and to love and to love me back.
I was in a serious car accident a year earlier, and was in a coma for a few months. Most of my friends had gone on with their lives and those that had maintained contact with me had problems with my newly acquired deficits. I now had seizures and was left unable to work. As my fear of embarrassing myself by having a seizure in public grew, I retreated into my house alone where nobody would witness the spectacle. My isolation grew. I was falling down an abyss and my social skills diminished markedly because my speech was quite garbled. I was SO tired of people asking me to repeat myself; I eventually just observed rather than joined in.
Then I met Greta. I knew the minute I read the ad I had found the answer. I went to the store and bought the necessary things: collar, bed, food, etc.... Then, the next day, I went to go meet her. On January 3, 2002, I met a dog-named Gizmo. She wasn't the cutest dog there as that honor went to puppies---she was already about 2 years old. It was mutual love at first sight. I immediately changed her name to Greta (after the news anchor, Greta Van Sustern). We were inseparable. She slept with me and wouldn't get up until I did. When I had a seizure, she would lick me on the face until it was over. Then on January 6, 2003, she had an appointment at the vet for allergy testing She had persistent itching and hair thinning. The tests showed she had heartworms and I had to give consent for treatment. She had a reaction to the injection that was quite serious. She spent the night at the vets. It was agreed that I wouldn't see her, as she shouldn't have any excitement as the injection affected her heart, lungs and other major organs. Her breathing was very labored I called the next day for an update and was told she could come home but they wanted to see her at 8:00 the following morning. . When I saw her, I knew something was seriously wrong-she didn't get excited as she had always done. I took her home and gave her a prednisone pill as directed. She didn't have an appetite or drink any water or even milk, which was very usual for Greta. She wheezed repeatedly and lost control of her body functions. Her little body had given out. I called her name and begged her to hang on until I got help. I called the emergency number and was told to bring her right in---but she had already died about 9:14 PM. I held her in my arms and saw the blank look of death in her eyes, and I wept and felt so alone.. I am a better person for having the privilege of knowing a dog who loved so unconditionally. I'll always love and miss you, Greta, thank you for showing me how to love again.

Posted February 16, 2003


I first realized how special Jack Russell Terriers were when one day my husband brought home this tiny white bundle with a large brown spot over one eye. It was a surprise gift to me and one that I will never forget:) Instantaneously I fell in love with this little dog who we came to call Barkley. As we all know about Jack Russells, if there is trouble they will find it and Barkley always seemed to be right in the middle of it. As a dog lover, I don't think I have ever known a dog with such personality, or spunk, which is what made him so unique to us. He was as loyal as they come and had energy just bursting from his ears. I admired his fearlessness, strength, and love of life. The gift he gave us the most of though, was the gift of laughter. If I laughed at him once, I must have laughed at him five times a day:) We can never replace that and would never even try. I do hope, however, that one day we will be blessed with another Jack Russell that, like Barkley, can teach us a few things about life that we may be overlooking. For it is the little things like laughter and smiles that matter most. I only wish Barkley was still here to remind me of that on a daily basis:) We miss him each and every day!

Posted February 16, 2003


Aikman was loved by everyone in our family. We live on a dairy farm and he enjoyed riding on the tractor with Pap and Pappy no matter how short of a distance or whatever piece of machinery we were using. Some of his favorites were riding in the heated cab of the 4- wheel drive in the winter so he could look out and see the groundhogs, squirrels and bunny rabbits, riding on the 4-wheeler to check on the cows or going to feed the baby calves. He was our pride and joy and although he was protective at times of the farm and family everyone who came in contact with him loved him.
Unfortunately, we lost him the day Jan. 2, 2003. He was hit by a car but thankfully died instantly. We buried him up in the pines where he loved to hunt and run whenever we where working in the fields. He would have been 5 yrs. old this summer. I received him several months after I was married as a gift. He was unique because he had two black circles on his back that made a figure 8. Therefore, since my husband is a Dallas Cowboy fan we named him after Troy Aikman. He was the best dog I ever had and loved to play with our daughter who just turned two. When she was just born he did not like to hear her cry so he would grab a toy and sit down beside her and play with it. He loved to entertain when we had company. He would always go and get his favorite toy a stuffed rabbit to share with anyone willing to play. He never played with our daughter's stuffed animals or toys only the ones that were his.
We are planning on getting another jack russell because after having one and learning all about them I can not see myself getting anything else that energetic, lovable and hardworking.
Andy, Amy and Rachel

Posted February 16, 2003


I just lost my best friend in the world, my little Eleanor, a tri-colored little jack russell. I only had her for 5 months(she was a year and 4 months) and she was with me almost every day. I was fortunate to have her at work with me and she became like our mascot. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. I took her for long runs and hikes every day. She got a way from me one day and was killed right in front of me by a car. I don't know how I will get through the sadness I feel. Writing about it helps. I miss her so much! Leslie Johnson

Posted February 16, 2003


This is a tribute to our darling JRT Chewy, who was taken from us at such a tender age and who died defending his garden and saving us. He's our hero and we love him and miss him more than I can ever possibly describe. He gave us two and a half spectacular years of fun, laughter and love; and we are simply bereft without him. Little Rooster, you're in a happy place now - causing havoc we're sure! - but surrounded by love. You were so clever, so athletic, so beautiful, so valiant, and so fiercely loving and loyal to us three - thank you for enriching our lives, you are with us always and we will never forget a thing. We will all be together again one day, rest in peace precious boy.
With all our love: your mom, dad and 'big' sister Solo.

Posted February 16, 2003

Brest Friend

We lost our best friend on Oct 16, 2002. He was not our dog, he was our son. He made us smile, laugh and taught us what really is important in life. J.R. was so special for 13 years and now our hearts are hurting. What I wouldn't do to hold him one more time. J.R., your life made a big difference to all those who met you. You will never ever be forgotten. We love you and we miss you so very much. We will meet again one day.

Posted February 16, 2003


We lost our beloved Patch when he got run over on morning in June. we had already had one jrt princess, when the people that we got her from called and said they had a run away. we agreed to take him and we named him patch, because he had a patch over his eye. then our granddaughter called him patchy-boy, so that is what we ended up calling him. he was the sweetest jrt that ever was. the only thing that was wrong with him was he was a runner. I believe he was always trying to find his original home.
He had the best little personality and every one that ever met him fell in love with him, he was a people person dog. we had him for two years, and one day he got away from my husband and that is when he got run over. we will forever miss him. every stuffed animal that our granddaughter gets, she names him patchy-boy.
Patchy-boy, we love you and miss you. we will never forget you.
Mommy , daddy, ivy and princess

Posted February 16, 2003


We lost out Jack Russell, Zoe on December 3, 2002. She was only 11 months old and brought so much joy to our lives. She loved to retrieve tennis balls and would run her little legs off time after time. We're not sure exactly what caused her death. On Dec, 2 I took her to the vet because she was sick and couldn't keep anything down. Surgery was performed for a blocked bowel and things should've been fine, but she never recovered after surgery and the vet wasn't sure why. She never had a fever, in fact her temp was lower than normal when we took her in to the clinic.
She was our little puppy girl and we miss her terribly. I know with time thinking of all the things she did to make us laugh, will again make us laugh, but now thinking of her cute little face makes us cry. You never had a chance for a full long life...we miss you Zoe.

Posted February 16, 2003


Harley was his name. I got him on Labor Day weekend in 2001. I fell in love. He was a great JRT. He loved my 9 pound lab, Jake. Jake really loved Harley. My only daughter was so proud of our boy. We took puppy training together - passed with flying colors. We started our second obedience class - one day down. He was great. We were celebrating Christmas at our house with my husbands family. Of course, they were "allergic" to dogs, although I never saw any signs. So, Jake and Harley spent alot of time outside. They really didn't like it, but it was for a day. Well, my mother-in-law was leaving to run home for something. My daughter and I were watching Harley roll around on the lawn. We didn't realize what had happened. I finally did, and I sent my daughter upstairs. When I ran out, I knew. My Harley was hit. I swear I was crushed. I never thought I loved him in the few months that I had him. I felt bad for his mother. I had to go back and not tell the kids - act like everything was okay. My in-laws, who are not dog people, weren't real supportive. My family came bye for hugs. We buried him in our back yard - we have over an acre. I still think of him. I did get another JRT in February 2002 - Murphy. She is wonderful. We are best friends - snuggling, getting ball crazy, and trying to jump on my counter. I love her. Thank you for letting me post this memorial to Harley. It felt good! - Vicky Dunne, Woodbridge, VA

Posted December 2, 2002

Bouchard Claxton

When I got "BouBou" he was only 8 weeks old and I could tell he was a terror from the moment he came cruising at me 500 mph as if he had been mine forever. What a bundle of energy he was.
At the time my fiance' (now hubby) was living in another state and had not gotten to see Bouchard yet but he would talk to him on the phone all the time.
I'll never forget the day hubby arrived and finally met BouBou. That little dog took one look at him and ran to him and never looked back at me again. He bonded so tight with his *Daddy* that I was almost non-existent in his life.
After the wedding and when hubby had to go on travel for his job, BouBou would sulk and become very sullen with me as if it was my fault that he went away. We had to play MOMMY IS STILL DOMINATE games a lot. :)
When Daddy would come home BouBou would jump up in his recliner and take a nap with him.
He was never far away from his Daddy.
We miss you Bouchard. You will always be so special to us.
See you at the Rainbow Bridge.... and by the way.... leave those poor cats alone will ya? ;)
Till then....hugs from Daddy and Mommy and Major

Posted December 2, 2002

Buck Huntington

"On September 23,1998, my beautiful mother, Jeannie Root, lost a two year battle to Lou Gehrig's disease. Because I live in Louisiana and my mother lived in California, I was unable to be with her when she died. The last day I would ever spend with my mother was August 13, 1999. That is the day that 'Buck Huntington came to the rescue.'
Buck Huntington, is a long-legged, rough coat Jack Russell Terrier. Just by looking at him, one can tell that Buck's markings could and have literally drawn a crowd. His body was all white, while his face was literally half black and half white. But what is really special about Buck is his character. The combination of his looks and personality can bring cheer to even the blackest of days, which is precisely what he did on August 13, 1999.
I had wanted a long-legged Jack Russell for quite a while. I was in California visiting my family when I found a breeder about a hours drive from my parent's home. My sister and I drove up to look at the puppies. I immediately fell in love with Buck. I knew he would have a lot of personality to match his striking looks when he insisted on pulling on my hair and attacking his siblings. As it turns out, in a few days I was to join my husband at his family cabin in the mountains. I would be passing the breeder's home again in route to Huntington Lake (hence Buck's last name). Out of respect for my sister's new carpet, I left Buck there for a couple of days. So my mom was not introduced to Buck until my return from the mountains.
The time spent with Buck in the mountains reinforced the feeling that we had just adopted a very special little spirit. At seven weeks old, Buck could list as part of his lifetime accomplishments three backpacking trips. He made the climb to 10,800 feet. Admittedly, he did hitch a ride most of the way. Buck's antics had our laughter echoing through the wilderness. He discovered a slope of dirt between a boulder and tree and invented the funniest of games. He would take a flying leap and slide down the slope on his belly with his back legs straight out. At the bottom of the slope, he would jump up, run his fastest to the top, and take that flying leap again. To our delight, the process was repeated again, and again, and again'..
It was Buck's quirky, antics that came to the rescue on August 13, 1999. I dropped my husband off at an airport near the cabin and proceeded to make the drive back to my parent's home. I would fly home with Buck the next morning at 6 a.m. I made the drive with great sadness in my heart. I feared that this would be the last day that I would see my mom. I know that my mom feared the same. As it turns out, it was indeed our final time together on this earth. Given the circumstances, you would think that the day would be filled with tears of sadness. Buck Huntington would have none of that. He much prefers tears of laughter to tears of sorrow. Buck kept my mom and I laughing throughout the entire day. It was music to my ears. I had not heard my mom laugh for months and months. And I have not heard her actual laugh since that day. But whenever, I reminisce about our final time together, in my mind and in my heart, I see tears of laughter rolling down her face and hear the sweet sound of her laughter. Buck Huntington gave me that most cherished memory. Although his behavior is often far from angelic, sometimes I think that Buck Huntington is a little four-legged angel sent to brighten what could have been one of the bleakest days of my life. He continues to brighten my spirit every single day. I am truly blessed to have 'Buck Huntington to the rescue!'"
I wrote this letter in 1991 for a Wal-Mart's Ol'Roy Dog of the Year Award. Naturally, he won. I have been truly blessed to have Buck in my life until October 10, 2002. A construction worker building an addition to our home left the gate open and Buck who rarely runs out on the street did so that fateful day. We live in the country at the end of a dead end street and as the tragedies of life would have it, a driver making a delivery ran him over. While my husband and I have two other Jack Russell Terriers and 5 other mixed breeds that we have rescued, the hole in our hearts from the loss of our Buck is vast. My husband and I I want to believe that someone else needed that little angel more than we did. We hope that someone else realizes that they are truly blessed to have 'Buck Huntington to the Rescue!'
Teri Shaffer
Tickfaw, Louisiana

Posted December 2, 2002


In Memory of Dixie, our beautiful and spirited companion,
It was a little over a month ago that God took Dixie into his arms. She was so cute, she could bring a smile out of anyone. She was so much a part of our lives, but everyday we heal a little bit more. It gives us comfort to know that she is in a place where there is no pain, but only joy, fun, laughter, and love. She can run and play without a leash. She can jump, bark, chase tennis balls, and give kisses all day long. We hope she has found a warm fluffy cloud to cuddle in. Maybe she's even meet Sparky, Briggy, or Lady, a few of our other lost family companions.
Dixie you will never be forgotten and you will live in our hearts and memories forever!!
Shelley and Steve

Posted July 30, 2002


To my wonderful Jack Russell Terrier BooBoo who we will never forget.
July 13 was the day you died - the vets did all they could for you but not knowing what the problem was and now we're still not sure. You gave us 7 wonderful years. Your sweet little face is etched in our memory till we see you again. You loved riding in the car going to Pet Quarters to show them any new tricks, getting a new toy, picking it out yourself to carry to the counter. Your love for balls and soft squeaky toys, you loved riding Jaycee with Amy and you'd bark like go faster, the snowmobile rides, 4 wheeler rides, the walks on the beach which was the last thing we did together. Dan and I took turns carrying you back to the car because you were having such a hard time to breath. BooBoo you gave all your love to us and more and we will always keep you in our hearts. You had just turned 7 July 2 - too young to die.
Love Mom and Amy

Posted July 25, 2002


When I lost my first jack russell, Petra to cancer at the grand old age of 18 I thought it was the end of the world everything fell apart, I couldn't face anyone who had a dog as in my mind petra should of been there with me. I later realized i had to let her go she had been there for me so many times though the years but this one i had to face on my own.

It took me 4 years before I could face getting another dog, but when Milo came into my life i suddenly saw all the things i was missing out on he was so loving. I knew from the start Milo was a runner if the gate was open he was off, never went to far until one day he got out and was racing out of the yard and a passing taxi hit him. Milo was fine this time but i knew some thing had to be done so when he recovered i took to chaining him in the yard i hated doing it but I thought it was for his own good. Little did i know that little guy could jump the fence, on the 13th July 2001 Milo died from a broken neck after jumping the fence.

I will never forgive myself for chaining him up his life was so short and i miss him terribly. I own another jack russell now Lucie, she's 6 months and believe me this little dog doesn't get tired anywhere. Milo and Petra I love you both and always will. Milo mummy's so sorry for not realising, look after him Petra see you again one day

Posted July 25, 2002

Fire Island Pines Tyke

Tyke was our baby. He loved to play soccer, Frisbee and swim at the beach. He was very obedient and was stuck to us like glue. Tyke loved kids and always tried to kiss the girls. Everyone that met him or visited us could not believe how good he was, he made friends with everyone. He was just a couple of months shy of his 14th birthday when he passed away in his sleep. He died in our bed, his favorite place. The day before we had a family day, just the three of us, Tyke, my husband and I. My husband had just returned from a 2 week trip and wanted to have a day with Tyke and I. We took him for a ride and walked him. At the end of our outing we took pictures of him.

Tyke volunteered at the nursing home once a month and visited the sick and elderly. Everyone loved him as he was so sweet. He used to jump up and kiss the patient's hand when they bent down in their wheelchair. About 3 months ago I had to retire him from this activity as his arthritis was getting worse. He wasn't really sick, just had that bad arthritis in his spine.

In Tyke's early years he used to go with me or my husband on our morning runs. He was also shown at some of the trials and received ribbons. He was especially the best at go-to-ground as a working terrier.

My husband travels a lot and Tyke always kept me company. If I had to go out during the day, he'd watch me getting ready to see if I was going to signal for him to come with me . He loved riding in the car. He was also welcome in some of the businesses where I went on service calls.

Tyke used to have breakfast with my husband every morning before he went to work. He especially loved having pizza with us, we always had to give him the crust.

He used to always greet us when we came in the door from wherever or however long we were away. He never got mad or angry with us, was always happy, loveable and always giving. He filled a void in our lives. We are so heartbroken but grateful that are prayers were answered that when his time was up that he wouldn't suffer and that he would pass away in his sleep.

Thank your for letting me share my sorrow.

Donna-Ree Rodriguez

Posted July 25, 2002


I will never forget you my little friend. As the seasons change, my love for you will not. As time passes from fall to summer my heart will ache for you.

To my angel doggie,

In fall, I'll think of you prancing through the falling leaves, as you sniff for all God's earthly scents.
In winter, I'll think of your footprints left behind in the crisp white snow.
In spring, I'll think of those booms of thunder that scared you so, and wish that I could comfort and hold on tight.
In summer, I'll think of the serenity of the oceans water as the peace you now feel in heaven ... my angel doggie.

Colby was a beautiful dog. He had deep black eyes, two black ears, and a broken white spotted coat (with wings attached, Joey). He was taller for the breed. When he walked, he appeared so regal as he "pranced" to and fro.

He died from osteosarcoma. Colby had a tumor growth in his jaw that eventually fractured his lower jaw. This had already happened by the time we had found out about the disease. He lived for about 3 months after the diagnosis. Can you imagine the pain he must have felt with such a horrible disease? Although Colby continued to fight and remain feisty with the help of medication and his little JR buddy Thisby by his side. He always tried to do his best to live normally. I wonder if he did this for me? I will always cherish that time given to me as a gift from God.

Colby was put to sleep on June 26, 2002, a day of pain etched in my heart and soul. My father ( his second master) and I were by his side, and that is the last gift of love that we could share with him, here on earth.

All of our love forever Colbus,

Carla,mommy,daddy,Thisby,Mike,Caity,Michael and all your family

Posted July 25, 2002


Happy Hunting Grounds to the eleven puppies that wear lost in the fire on June 26 They wear so feisty and ready to tackle the world Now their soles have crossed the rainbow bridge wear they are spending their days hunting with all our lost friends.

Posted July 25, 2002


How could we know, that day we walked into the Humane Shelter, that we would be coming home with such an adorable pup? How could we know she was a "Master Thief of Hearts"? In no time flat she stole ours.

As a child, and as an adult, I've had several dogs, and I can say without question that Boo-Boo was the best and brightest, and absolutely the most loving....definitely the cutest! An 8 week old, beautiful white and black bundle of energy who had us trained in no time! Smart, funny, and game for anything--our beloved Boo. Was there any food she didn't LOVE? Any game she didn't know? Any heart she couldn't steal? Any contraband she couldn't find? Any thing she wouldn't try? No, not one.

Sixteen years later, due to a congenital heart defect, and old age, we had to put our precious baby down. No one can imagine the hurt we feel, unless they've been allowed the privilege of "being owned" by one of these precious gifts from God.

Since that day, we've learned much about Jack Russells....it seems Boo was one of the more mellow types.......never barked for no reason, never dug a hole, never tried to run away. She totally and completely claimed us as HERS, and wasn't shy about showing us how much she loved us in return. How lucky I feel that we went into THAT shelter, on THAT day, and came home with THAT pup. It was meant to be. Our lives literally revolved around her well-being.

Now she's gone, and the days and nights are very hard to get thru. I am feeling the need for another pup to fuss over, and she has totally spoiled me for any other kind of dog.........it's gotta be a "Jack", or nothing at all.

The next pup will have a awful big "collar to fill"........somehow, I think the mighty "Jack" will come thru with flying colors!
Goodbye, my precious, my Baby Boo.
Marcella & Woody
P.S. A few years back I made up a couple songs about Boo--used to sing 'em to her quite a bit. She didn't care that I'm not much of a songwriter!
My puppy, my puppy,
My puppy is the greatest ol' pup that wuz!
My puppy, my puppy,
Is white & black, polka-dot, covered with fuzz!
My puppy, my puppy,
My puppy is my very best friend because-
She's MY puppy, Boo!

Mama need a puppy to pet-
Mama need a puppy to pet-
She shore am smelly,
Mama pet it on the pot belly!
Mama need a puppy to pet!

The End.

Posted July 23, 2002

Maggie and Boomer

We can't seem to accept the fact that they're gone. They should be chasing birds through our yard or barking at the mailman. When I'm working from home, they'd seem to know when I was on the phone because that's when the barking would start. While hosing down the patio or washing the car, Boomer would yelp & bark at the water, biting the nozzle into submission. When food wasn't finished, they were always close by to help clean up. This was their home & we miss them dearly.

Maggie loved her tennis ball. She ran after it with lightning speed. Friends would always ask, "When will she stop chasing the ball?" And I'd respond, "When your arm falls off." It didn't matter if we were in the pool, eating dinner, watching TV, or working outside; catching the ball & bringing it back was her favorite thing to do. On trips to Lake Powell, all the kids loved to play with her. She'd scamper up the rocks or swim way out in the water, eager to do it all over again. When opossums walked on our walls, it was always Maggie that was impossible to coax back into the house. At Jack Russell field days, she was a happy participant in the go-to-ground & usually finished first or second in the races.

Boomer was always #2. I purchased him from a breeder after a sales call & brought him home to an alpha female, anxious to show him the ropes. He rarely chased the ball, only doing so to tease Maggie. He never brought it back to us, just ran around Maggie while she feigned interest. As soon as she noticed the ball on the ground at his feet, she'd grab it, bring it back, & the game would resume. Our daughter & Boomer were the closest. Every morning before breakfast & everyday after school, she had to see him, pet him, & give him a kiss. She'd put her blanket on him or put him in her stroller & he never seemed to mind, even when she ate some of his dog food.

But, the unexpected happened when we left for the lake on Wednesday. We didn't bring the dogs because we were staying in a hotel, I had a seminar to attend, & my wife & kids would be going to a museum. So, we left the dogs in the yard, which wasn't unusual. Soon after we left, coyotes jumped our 6 foot wall & killed our little dogs. Rather then ruin our trip, our neighbors told my parents who met us at the door when we came home. I picked-up the dogs from the shelter on Sunday to bury them in our yard. We placed their collars, some pictures, & a tennis ball in the grave. We've been crying since we got home, but carefully placing the dirt around their little bodies & filling up the hole by hand, brought out even more emotions.

We're devastated. The kids realize that Boomer & Maggie are gone, but they don't really understand that they're gone for good. We can't imagine finding two dogs that will ever replace them. We feel guilty about leaving them outside, but as everyone knows, these are dogs that love to run around, explore, & take charge. We'll always love you & miss you Maggie (12/31/94 ? 7/17/02) & Boomer (4/26/95 ? 7/17/02).

Posted May 14, 2002


Riley, my baby girl, and Amos' sister passed away on January 14, 2002, 7 weeks and 1 day after our lil man Amos. Riley was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease the same day Amos, through an ultrasound, was found to have an inoperable mass in his stomach. Amos was such a little fighter, the mass was not even detectable through palpation by our very experienced Vet. Amos died in my arms, at home, two days after the diagnosis. It was almost as if he thought "Well, the jig is up, Mummy and Daddy know now, so I don't have to keep up the good fight."

I know that Riley died of a broken heart. When Amos died, her will to live and thrive left with him. Riley was 12.5 years old, and my golden girl.

Riley was a beautiful little doe-eyed Jack. Extremely intelligent, she could learn a trick in 3 pieces of cheese. She also did great "impressions" of dachshunds, beagles, and grizzly bears. The only toy she ever needed was a tennis ball, and she was game for it right up until she passed. Riley died in my arms, at home, giving me kisses until she no longer could.

I'll never forget the moment I laid eyes on Riley. She was only 7 weeks old, and when I picked her up and cuddled her in my arms, my heart was lost to her forever. I was gobsmacked, totally bowled over with the love I felt for her. I had absolutely no plans of getting a dog that day, almost 13yrs ago, but apparently God had other plans. My favourite picture of Riley and me is the day I got her. In the picture, I am walking in a field alone, my back to the camera. The significance is what you don't see. During that walk, I'm cradling Riley, as she slumbers in my arms, mine, forever.

Riley was with me through some of the toughest times of my life. She taught me responsibility, committment, and brought structure to my life. When she was 2yrs old, we got Amos. Those two little Jack Russells brought me more love and happiness than words could ever express.

Riley and Amos were my joy, my love, my LIFE for almost 13yrs. This is Riley's memoriam, but to speak of them separately, without acknowledging the other, is like talking about Mutt without Jeff, Batman without Robin. Riley and Amos were inseparable, and totally in love with each other.

Riley and Amos were my little "caped crusaders", the best guard dogs, attention getters, and comedians in the world! We were a totally devoted trio, so much so, that my neighbours barely recognize me without them!

The following is Riley's memorial printed in the Toronto Sun on January 27th, 2002.
August 23, 1989 - January 14, 2002

My dearest Riley
Our time together stretched before me, like a glorious rainbow...
I denied myself how quickly such gifts come and go.
But oh, how I cherish them now, just the same.
It was my actions, not words that held you close Riley...
They were my truth, my love, our language.

Now...The facts of life don't matter so much
To everything, there is a season.
We had our time, we three, our halcyon days.

Amos has been waiting for you Riley, to bring you home.
It was Heaven on Earth, the two of you at my side.
How I've loved you both - Tempus fugit
Until we meet again,

Loving you always, Riley & Amos
Your Mummy, Daddy, and ALL who loved you. xxxooo

Posted May 14, 2002


I am in tears right now after reading every memorial posted on your website. So many of those stories brought back memories of my first Jack Russell, Lucky. Unfortunatly he wasn't so lucky.

I aquired Lucky from a friend who bought him solely because "he was so cute" at 8 weeks old. Soon she realized what owning a Jack Russell actually entailled. When he grew up with no training and no discipline, she grew to hate him. This led to unspeakable neglect and abuse because she just didn't feel like dealing with him. Finally after 5 months of watching this poor dog self desruct, I talked my parents into letting me take him off her hands. My parents are dog people so I've had dogs all my life and after telling them the stories of the abuse this dog went through everyday, it wasn't hard to convince them he deserved better.

He came into our life at 8 months old and was a complete terror. He was not even housetrained. We spent a great deal of time working with him and going to obedience school and after 1 year he was just about normal. I was 19 at the time and he was "my dog", not my parents'. He still had his quirks like trying to escape if given the opportunity, but was still the best dog ever and we had a real bond. My parents had 2 other dogs at the time and I loved them, but I had never even imagined feeling so close to a dog. He was my whole world.

It was a tragic day April 14, 2000. I was brushing my teeth before work and my mother had her weekly company over for coffee and they weren't always careful about the door being shut. That was Lucky's favorite time of the week because his chances of escaping were very good. When my mother shouted the familiar "Jocelyn, go get your dog, he got out again!" it didn't phase me, he always just ran back to me when I went outside. Well, on this day as soon as I walked out the door, a utility truck was passing by our house and over my beloved dog. I watched my dog die. He died instantly and felt no pain. I can still say that was the saddest day of my life and not a day goes by that I don't think about him and all he taught me. I am now living on my own and recently adopted a female Jack named Maggie who eeriely resembles Lucky by the tri-color markings on her head and I love her to death. The first thing she learned was to stay away from the door unless she's on a leash! I'm not going to lose another best friend so tragically. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my heartbreak with others who have felt the same pain.

Jocelyn Guild

Posted May 14, 2002


3/89-2/28/02 RIP
Our dog
We love her
Tiny, brown and white

This was a poem written by our son when he was in the third grade, and it was chosen to be published in a book of elementary poetry from students across the United States.
Our Sandy passed away last month and we miss her terribly. We had made up our minds that we were going to put her to sleep on 2/29, due to a heart problem. I think she knew what a hard decision it was for us to do this, and she had taken a turn for the worse and passed away quickly in our house on the 28th. Although we were by her side, it was a very difficult time for us all. I miss her unconditional love. I miss her greeting us as we came in the door each day. I miss her sleeping with us each night. I miss her sitting at my feet while I typed on the computer. She was indeed my best friend! We love you so very much our little mighty dog.
Until we meet again, thanks for the joy you provided us each and every day.
Mom, Dad, Brendan and Tom xoxoxoxo

Posted May 14, 2002


I would like to tell you about an amazing jack we called Cysco. He wasnt with us very long, but he captured our hearts the minute we saw him. Cysco was a tall lanky jack who loved to hunt birds. He was so loving and smart and happy and active. One day, he caught a bird that was sick which in turn, made him sick. We had to put our loving Cysco to sleep on two days before christmas in 2000. It broke my son's heart (age 10) and we grieved for his loss. My best freind is a breeder of JRT's and on christmas day, her lovely Sadie Mae had three pups. In her loving kindness, she offered one of the pups (our choice) to my son. Although nothing could repleace the love we had for our Cysco, we now have expanded our love for Jesus (pronounced Hay-sus). Thank you Cysco, for teaching to love and appreciate the Jack personality and thanks to Linda and Sadie Mae for your love and thoughtfulness.

Lisa and jordan Brown

Posted May 14, 2002


For Gypsy

b. October 4, 2000
d. April 11, 2002

Jumping Bean
Bathing beauty
Midnight swimmer
Little Gypsy.

Ocean swimmer
Running free
Sandy digger
Our Gypsy.

Doughnut Girl
Spunky cuddler
by my feet
Gypsy girl.

You were young
but you were happy
Adored and Loved
My little Gypsy.

Posted May 14, 2002


On April 1, 2002 I lost my best friend and the love of my life, Gumball! He was just 2 yrs, 11 days old. He somehow managed to climb out of our 5 foot tall fenced yard, while I was gone for a bit and then got hit by a car and killed. He didn't know about cars and the road...He just didn't know. Gumball kept me smiling throughout his two short years and I miss him immensely! We were attached to each other with our heart-strings. Everywhere I went, Gumball was right behind me, so close that his little nose bumped the back of my legs! My home is too quiet now and is yearning for another ball of energy! I sit outside next to Gumballs grave for a while every day because I long to spend time with him still!! Gumball my heart is completely broken with you gone, and I would give anything to have you back with me! I love you Gum and will miss you forever! Maybe one day I will get to see you, and hug you, and kiss you again.
I love you Gum!
Mom ( Ruth Rex -- South Carolina)

Posted May 14, 2002


I lost my princess Weinner, a 3 year old Jack Russell, in a house fire, Feb 4th 2002. She died from smoke inhalation and I am so lost without her. She was a very happy girl. I know she would have never wanted to leave my side. People say she is in a better place... but I think her best place was with me.


Posted May 14, 2002


"Cella" my best buddy is gone. At 3 years of age she exploited a weakness in a chain link fence and was hit by a car. The panic when I realized a simple 'potty' break became a breakout. 80 flyers on telephone poles. Driving until 3:30 AM then back up at 7:00 AM expecting the work rush. A lead made me realize she had probably been taken to an Animal Hospital. The lead made me realize that she was probably not alive. At the Animal Hospital a Vet reported that a little Jack Russell Terrier had been brought in last night after being hit by a car. And was alive. I sobbed crazy. They gave me a box of Kleenix and examination room 3.

The people that hit her did take her in. The woman said she had been hit by 2 cars and a truck--- she was breathing but unconscious. She said by the side of the road she layed her hand on Cella and she blinked her eyes open. They took her to the hospital.

No serious bleeding. A badly fractured pelvis. Loss of bowel and bladder control. A trip to an orthopeadic surgeon outside of Philadelphia revealed with a stand test that she had neurological damage and would most likely never walk again. I remember her laying on the examination table with those eyes. I remember the terrific pain of realizing that her not walking and being incontinent was a quality of life that would torment her. I remember the car ride when she fell asleep in my arms for the last time.

I remember the most loyal companion. I remember an irrascibility and an energy that knew no bounds. I remember the excitements before long runs--- the licks on the toes, and waking up at night and seeing her head on the pillow next to mine. And when she snored.... crushing adorability.

Cella--- best bud.... I will miss you and revere you. Your spirit is totally infectious. I must assure that for my next JRT my fence will meet a JRT's will. (invisible fence just inside of a chain link fence--- no chance for digging or climbing).

I love you Cella...


Posted May 14, 2002


I remember the day when we first saw the litter of Jack Russel puppies. There were about eight of them. Wild and crazy little things all with that "pick me" look in their eyes. But one puppy in particular caught our attention. She was smaller than the rest and, unlike her brothers and sisters, seemed somewhat calmer with eyes that conveyed an alluring sense of kindness.
We all knew that she was the one. We were allowed to hold her and at that moment I knew we would not leave without her. We struck our deal and off we went naively into the world of Jack Russel ownership.
From that day on little Mandy worked her magic and created bonds of love so strong that her passing proved to be one of life's most difficult experiences. She succumbed to kidney failure and we had to have her put to sleep. It has been two weeks and memories of her still pervade our daily thoughts. There exists an emptiness in our home and in our hearts that will never be filled.
Her boundless energy and fun-filled antics brought an enormous amount of joy to our family. Her loyalty and devotion provided us with an overwhelming sense of caring and unconditional love.
We will miss Mandy. She touched our hearts and enriched our lives.

Posted May 14, 2002


Just thought I would share this lovely letter I received from my sister. I had to put my Jack Russell to sleep two weeks ago. She had cancer, this was the hardest thing I believe I have ever had to do. Her name was Sharptop Hope. I don't believe I have ever had a dog that was so loving and faithful. I miss her so much.
From Your Pets in Heaven
To have loved and then said farewell is better than to have never loved at all.
For all of the times that you have stooped and touched my head, fed me
my favorite treat and returned the love that I so unconditionally gave to you.....
for the care that you gave to me so unselfishly...for all of these things
I am grateful and thankful.
I ask that you not grieve for the loss but rejoice in the fact that we lived, loved and
touched each other's lives. My life was fuller because you were there--
not as a master/owner, but as my friend.
Today I am as I was in my youth. The grass is always green, butterflies flit among
the flowers and the sun shines gently down upon all of God's creatures.
I can run, jump, play and do all of the things that I did in my youth.
There is no sickness, no aching joints, no regrets and no aging.
We await the arrival of our lifelong companions and know that togetherness is forever.
Companions such as you are so rare and unique.
Don't hold the love that you have within yourself;
give it to another like me and then I will live forever.
For love never really dies, and you are loved
and missed as surely as we are.

written by Ken Conover
I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I did.

Posted February 10, 2002


You are so missed.
I took my little Norman to the bridge on Mar 13, 2001. Norman's story is sad. He came to me through JR Rescue at 2yrs old. Norman came from a BYB and his first owner's where forced to take him at only 5weeks.

This set Norman up for alot of aggression, behavior problems. I worked with Norman for 15 mths and it was so heartbreaking to let him go. He became sick with Cushing's disease, I think that was god's way of letting me come to terms that I would have to let him go. How could I treat him when I couldn't even put his monthly flea treatment on him without growling snarling and getting bit. The treatment for the disease would only prolong his life for a few years, if that. I don't believe in keeping a pet for my benefit, if the pet is not happy and suffering then it's time. This medication to treat, I would have to wear rubber glove's while handling it, imagine what it would to to him.

Normie there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you little guy...you are always in my heart.


Posted February 10, 2002


I adopted Eddie at seven months of age. We were both pretty stubborn, so it took awhile for him to train me. Eddie was fine outside as long as his people were with him, so we never just let him out. If there was a weak spot in the fence, he'd find it, and if there wasn't, he make one. Unforetunately, my son was on the computer one day while home sick from school. He opened the door because it was just a beautiful day. He did not realize that Eddie had figured out how to open the screen door real slick. When I realized he wasn't in the house, I was scared to go look, but we did, half the night. We found him the next day, on the side of the road, close to one of my son's friends. He had a few more sick day. One of the saddest things in the world is seeing a 15 year old man/child cry his heart out. A friend suprised us this Christmas with a JRT puppy, Jack. He has no idea the level of sadness that has been lifted from this home. We know the risk and I don't know if I would have just gone out and got another, but my friend, Carrie, knew what we needed. We are in love again. This time with a baby we can truley start from scratch. Jack sits, lays, stays, and jumps through hoops, already! Thank you everyone on this site, reading stories so similar to mine has been truley theraputic. Bless all of you.

Teresa Vincent and Chris and Brad and Tina, Wichita, Ks

Posted February 10, 2002


Of course, everything has the begining and the end. And when we have tragic ends of our beloved pets, we always feel the responsibility and take the blame upon their death. It hurts, because we cann't save our wonderful dogs. We also have very sad story about our unique JRT. Ultra came into our lives on 6 July 2000 at age of 8 weeks. We were looking for our JRT in all over the world, so trip to Finland wasn't too long. There we found the most amazing JRT (for us) and the name Ultra was really like she was. She learned fast - we could teach her anything we set to mind. She was like our shadow, watching for our every movement - hoping and expecting to be included in every thing we did. Ultra was fast in agility, irresistible in the dog shows and unstopable in the hunt. Everywhere she was the first and the best. She was over just the dog - she climbed the trees and had strange love for water. She could swam for hours in the sea and then learned to swam under the waves. It looked a little strange, but not dangerous. We tryed to protect her for such dangerour things as cars, aggressive dogs and angry people. And how great was the pain, when Ultra ... drown in the beavers' hunt. We still don't know how it happend exactly, but most probably she chased the beaver under the water too long - until she get to deadlock. She tried to swim out of water, and there was just a metre until the air... There was no wounds on her body, so just the passion to hunt didn't let her to evaluate the strength. And hunters found her too late - beavers' holes in that situation were very complicated. We lost our wonderful Ultra, but she died in the hunt, in action she liked mostly - as truly working JRT. Now she is buried in the grove on the seaside, and we hope she can see the sunset to the her beloved sea...

Ultra was so short with us - just 1,5 years - but she was like a comet in our life - so quick, but very bright. We will never forget her. And that big love we were feeling to each other we will give for our new two JRT. We will take one from the Ultra's breeder and another one ... (we don't know still). We want to fill our home with joy and love again. And we will love them both as strong as possible - we never know how long they'll be in our lives.

Inesa & David

Posted February 10, 2002


We lost our little Katie very unexpectedly on December 22, 2001. The vet said she had a brain tumor. She had never been sick in her almost 9 years and we are truly devastated. I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful little dog she was. She was the light of our lives. We have a very empty home right now and we have never experienced such a pain as the loss of this little dog has brought. We took her everywhere with us. She loved being with us as much as we loved having her along. Wherever we went she was the center of attention and loved by all. She loved our walks in the woods and then loved to cuddle on the couch at night. We miss so terribly that little warm body curled up with us. As I read the other memorials my heart goes out to each and every one of you. Her loss will be with us forever.

Pam and Jeff Leas Illinois

Posted February 10, 2002


On September 29, 2001 our family lost our shining star. Her name was Cali. My wife brought her into our home on Jan 17, 2000, much to my opposition. Well, one second cuddling her, and I knew she was my little girl. She loved all of us, and was loved back twice-fold, but her and I just seemed to connect. She showed us all unconditional love, especially myself, who needed it the most. Gone are the after-bath scoots through the house, tug-of-war with her Big Mean Kitty, and chasing the laser dot... as well as the mandatory cuddling when she knew we needed it the most. Her smile, her 'laugh' (at least it sounded like a laugh when I tickled her!), and her little burps from drinking too fast will all be terribly, terribly missed by us. For all you did for us, it wasn't fair that you left when, and how, you did. I myself have a small amount of comfort knowing that, as you licked my hand shortly before you moved on, you were telling me with your eyes that it will be ok. It's getting there. We keep her urn dustless, and with flowers, on our fireplace mantle. We also take those flowers every Sunday to the site where she left us. Her aunt, Jiggs, now lives with us and has taken to looking after us. Cali's picture is in the gallery for those who wish to see our little girl...
We miss you, Cali, but you'll always be with us.

Thank you,
Shaun, Jen, Gage, Damon, Brandy, and Jiggs Wilson

Posted February 10, 2002


You came into our lives two years ago, and very quickly became our special "Lady Love". You were strong willed, energetic, and so loving. You always gave your collie sister Cleo a hard time, and that was also part of your charm. When you dashed across the road under the wheels of an oncoming car, I thought you might be okay - but we had to put you down - your injuries were just too much. We love you, we miss you, and there is a part of our lives which will never be complete without you. The house is so quiet without you, and even Cleo mopes around, looking for you, not understanding. Thank you for the affection and character you brought into our lives. You will live on in our hearts and our thoughts forever.

From your parents - Mark and Diane de Jager

Posted February 10, 2002

Frau Schulze

Since two month, our hearts are broken. We lost our little girl (3 years old) on a dusty monrning. She was hunting something and got hit by a car. At home, we had four 2 1/2 week old puppies waiting for their Mom..........She was a very special lilltle lady, and we miss her so much. We will never forget her. Words can not express what we feel, it hurts deep in our hearts................................... At least we kept one of her daughters called Beluga. She is living together with her father Tassilo in our home.

Heike and Roland